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  1. afbond03

    Jeep Wrangler JK: 2007-2017 Steering Smarts YETI XD™ JK TIE ROD ASSEMBLY

    For Sale: Steering Smarts YETI XD™ JK TIE ROD ASSEMBLY with Damper Bracket Location: Dover, DE Description: This is a new in box Steer Smart YETI XD Tie Rod with Damper Bracket Price: $375 - Shipped Never got this installed on my Jeep and have since moved on to a different vehicle.
  2. afbond03

    Smittybilt Overland XL RTT-New product.

    If anyone is looking to buy an Annex for their XL, let me know as I am selling one. New in box, located in PHX. $200, Shipped: $225
  3. afbond03

    Smittybilt Overland XL RTT-New product.

    For anyone on the fence you can pick-up the XL for $925 on eBay until 10PT using code PREGAME15
  4. afbond03

    Smittybilt Overland XL RTT-New product.

    Off the top of my head, it is around 6'x4'. The rack is a Thule Xsporter Rack, you are correct it allows me to raise and lower the tent. I can lower it down to fit it in the garage and then raise it up to slide my kayak between the tent and trailer. Additionally, I found I can use the rack to...
  5. afbond03

    ExPo 100 Series Registry

    2003 LX470 Galactic Gray afbond03/Overland-Equipt 1st Day of Ownership, traded 2007 Jeep Wrangler 155k It has TJM Winch Bumper and Front Runner Roof rack DD, weekend family adventure machine
  6. afbond03

    Roof Rack for a RTT

    Hard Top: Use these and some square tubing to mount the RTT. Hands down the closest you'll get the RTT to the roof.
  7. afbond03

    Smittybilt Overland XL RTT-New product.

    If anyone is looking to pick-up the annex you can get it for about $255 today from eBay using code: PRIMOSALE. Code also works on the tent bringing it down to $1k. Ends tonight and can be used on pretty much everything but electronics.
  8. afbond03

    WTB Large RTT in Flagstaff, AZ

    If you are looking for something to tide you over, the Smittybilt XL version is pretty roomy and after owning 3 different types of RTTs it has satisfied my needs.
  9. afbond03

    Smittybilt Overland XL RTT-New product.

    Picked up a trailer a few weeks back and got the tent off my Jeep. I've only got about 6 nights in my Smittybilt but so far I've been pretty darn happy with my purchase. I've owned two Tepui's and 1 direct from China Hard Shell and gotta say, this is a GREAT bang for your buck if your looking...
  10. afbond03

    Telescoping rack questions

    I was going to build a telescopic rack for mine but after scouring the internet and seeing what others have done, I just bought the Thule Xsporter.
  11. afbond03

    Rhino-Rack BatWing Review/Write Up

    From what I read I believe on Rhino Rack's website even all previous accessories that worked with the Foxwing will work with the Batwing.
  12. afbond03

    Smittybilt Overland XL RTT-New product.

    You can get it for around $774 on 4WD.COM. Coupon: 4WDSAVEBIG10 and then use ebates for an additional $35 cash back brings it down to $774. Tax Free right now as well.
  13. afbond03

    Outdoor Kid Photo Thread

    EdgeofWorld by Overland-Equipt EdgeofWorld by Overland-Equipt Edge by Overland-Equipt Schnebly by Overland-Equipt
  14. afbond03

    Overland expo

    I think it would be worth your time to get eyes on equipment to see what you want to do. Plus having your wife and kids along could possibly get her more excited about the idea of what is out there and what is available. Also, you can plan to do things outside of Expo as well, or if your wife...
  15. afbond03

    Does anyone have a Della Freezer

    It really just sounds like the thermometer isn't ready correctly. Maybe dig into and see if you have some loose connections.
  16. afbond03

    Smittybilt RTT 20% today

    Don't expect it within the month. I ordered an XL on the 26th of Nov. and watched a 12 Dec. ship date come and go and am now looking at 9 Jan. O well, $931 with the ladder extension is worth the wait.
  17. afbond03

    FS:AZ: Hard Shell RTT

    It is still available. I will be out of town until Saturday the 9th. If you are interested in seeing it, let me know and we can set something up.
  18. afbond03

    FS:AZ: Hard Shell RTT

    Unfortunately, I can't. I bought it off an eBay importer that had one sitting in CA and arranged shipping myself. Basically like buying direct from China but was lucky enough they did the import of it already. I've seen a few pop up on eBay and Amazon that look similar with different fabric...
  19. afbond03

    Smittybilt Overland XL RTT-New product.

    Just in case anyone has been on the fence about this tent, you can get it from 4WP for $879 right now, free ship and taxes paid. Stupid good deal for a tent this large.
  20. afbond03

    FS:AZ: Hard Shell RTT

    Still got it. Has another 3 nights in it since listing though.