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  1. sbc

    SOLD. 2005 4x4 FG140 Mitsubishi Fuso

    What was the peak height with the Ollie on board @mjfreshyfresh ?
  2. sbc

    2006 Ford F350 bulletproofed

    Note for anyone unsure, texted the owner and the camper is not available or included in the sale.
  3. sbc

    Spectacular 2012 Mitsubishi fuso fg overland rig

    ExPo thread:
  4. sbc

    Upgraded 2020 Four Wheel Camper Grandby Flatbed Camper

    Sweet build. That rig looks like a beast! GLWS
  5. sbc

    SOLD! Ford 2023 Tremor w/ FWC Flatbed Hawk & Weekender Norweld Tray

    Great looking rig. Is 43L the extent of fresh water storage? GLWS!