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  1. The BN Guy

    Post your Nissan Camping Pictures!

    Cool! Three wheelers! haven't seen one of those in a long time. So fun if you know how to ride one correctly.
  2. The BN Guy

    Jiro's diesel Xterra

    Congrats man! Hurdles cleared are a great thing!
  3. The BN Guy

    Rock Auto Parts

    Excellent! That's what I needed. My cousin has well over 400k miles on his Ranger and has rebuilt the engine himself at least once as well as done some body work and other mechanical repairs on other vehicles. He's no idiot...just a little touched in the head sometimes. lol
  4. The BN Guy

    Rock Auto Parts

    I need to some preventive maintenance this summer and my cousin has slated us to order from Anyone know if this place has quality parts or are they junk? Anyone dealt with them? Thanks for the input! FWIW, mechanic has given a quote of about 700-800 to install new timing belt...
  5. The BN Guy

    Stolenheron's 2013 Frontier CC PRO4X

    Dang I could've used something like that when the kids were in there babyseats and car seats!
  6. The BN Guy

    Co-opski’s Last Frontier Build

    Good maintenance. What about the in-cab air filter? Mine was tooooast!
  7. The BN Guy

    AndrewH's Xterra Evolution.

    Cool. I love going back and seeing where my truck came from. Almost like looking at a family album.
  8. The BN Guy

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Mmmmmm, nice rigs as usual y'all!
  9. The BN Guy

    My Build

    Nice flex!
  10. The BN Guy

    1998 Nissan Frontier D22 Econo-pedition

    Good looking budget build. Diggin the color combo too! Watch those taillight guards. A friend with an Xterra had some but when a small limb came down the side of his rig it just peeled it back like an orange peel. His were attached at the back end and not the front of the lense...
  11. The BN Guy

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    I have to admit that when we did that section I had Wil (from Sierra Expeditions) stand on my uphill-side slider! lol p.s. I'm no fan of heights!
  12. The BN Guy

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    I recognize the exact spot on that last photo! Very cool! Nice little drop off on the downhill side! eeeee!
  13. The BN Guy

    Building first chuck box and storage for XTerra

    Watchout for biting drill bits! Looks good so far. Keep us posted.
  14. The BN Guy

    Out with the Jeep, in with an X

    Welcome to the family!
  15. The BN Guy

    Thoughts on brush/grill guards

    I agree. Definitely need to avoid that - reduced approach and those things are not NEAR as strong as you think they are! They'll bend back either into the hood or the fender and do lots of extra damage.
  16. The BN Guy

    Just reporting some spam in the Nissan forum...

    Just reporting some spam in the Nissan forum...
  17. The BN Guy

    Fox Wing + Airtop?

    Any word on price? That sounds pretty cool if the price is right.
  18. The BN Guy

    Jiro's diesel Xterra

    Niiiice! I'm trying to talk my wife into letting me take a couple days trip out into the Hill Country to just do some backroad driving.