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  1. shays4me

    Frustrated Dealers May Succeed in Getting Corp to Reduce Ram Truck and Jeep Prices

    We bought a new Jeep, last years model. We were really on the fence about it because even with all the "economic indicators" that say the economy is great interest rates suck, inflation is awful and we're in a little more debt then we'd like to be. That being said I'm pretty secure in my Job...
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    Random RIG Shots

    The best jk built!
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Have you ever gotten the tent fabric caught in the hinge mechanism on your Ursa Minor top while closing it? No matter how hard I tried it was inevitable that it would happen and it did on several occasions. I knew that sooner or later the hinges would cut the material and then I’d have to...
  4. shays4me

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    I'm looking for a single width mattress for my downstairs sleeping platform. I want something that will stow easily when we're on the move. It's got to be good since I want my daughter to be comfortable when we're camping. If you don't keep the girls happy, you won't be happy! Any ideas on this...
  5. shays4me

    Anyone 'daily' or do a lot of miles in a Grenadier?

    The real world fuel numbers are very comparable to my JKU. I've been tracking every tank since it was new five years ago and my average is 14.4 mpg. The fuel tank in the Grenadier is also almost identical to the JKU. I can say that fuel anxiety is worth thinking about, but it's very comparable...
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    SEMA Show 2023

    The Toyotas look very nice, especially the FJ45 stockish pickups. I'd love to own one of those!
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    I guess I'll update since this thread has had some recent activity. I think I'm going to need to get another fridge. My wife has the ARB packed full of butter, yogurt and cheese downstairs and I have no idea how I'll rescue it from her! I initially brought it inside as an overflow and now it...
  8. shays4me

    AEV quits the JK

    Keep your eyes out. Some of the bumpers come oem on different packages so the sellers don’t even know they’re aev. That’s how I bought my last rear bumper for $75.
  9. shays4me

    AEV quits the JK

    There's a lot of parts on the used market. I got my rear bumper used and saved a bundle!
  10. shays4me

    Just another Jeep

    My brother has an xj and a TJ too, which is currently on jack stands in front of my barn. I have two JKU's and a CJ7. I definitely get it! Some day maybe I'll win the lottery and then all my Jeeps can run at the same time!
  11. shays4me

    Just another Jeep

    And when you get tired of it and move on to the other Jeep (addicts seem to have several) it gets mothballed in the barn until you're tired of the other one or feeling nostalgic!
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    Where are you located? That might be real important due to the price to ship a top.
  13. shays4me

    Just another Jeep

    Thanks for posting the trip and pics. I live vicariously through others travels when I'm stuck at home!
  14. shays4me

    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Those lights are a great idea! The only improvement I can see is if you could find a wiring harness that was twisted like a land line phone cord so that it would expand or shrink to keep it's form without migrating all over the place.
  15. shays4me

    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    This is a solution that really works. I'm swapping my spare tire trash bag for a yakima bike rack this afternoon, again. Depending on where we go it's one or the other and it would be nice if it was easier and didn't involve pulling the spare tire off.
  16. shays4me

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    You don’t need to undo them. Just add the silicon to the top of the head and make sure it gets all the way around. Edit. I just reread this. If it is the bolts in the very top that they’re talking about then, yes, pull them out one at a time and put a little silicon on them. As for the ones that...
  17. shays4me

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    I think it has to be entering through the bolts that go through though the roll cage. I’d definitely caulk them, but that’s not the leak origin. I’d look at every other hole in the top that’s along the outside edge first, like where the hing mechanism attaches. Those bolts commonly leak. A...
  18. shays4me

    Help troubleshooting my 12v system please

    From the reported voltages it sounds like your batteries are properly isolated now. If the voltage sensing relay is working that way every time I'd look for a draw on the starter battery side or maybe your starter battery is showing it's age and dying. If the starter battery goes dead and your...
  19. shays4me

    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    That makes a lot of sense for someone with limited space for parking. I have a lot of space now, and since I don't have a truck that runs I have multiple trailers around for doing various tasks with the Jeeps. If I were to ever downsize and move back into a town, I've pondered building a muffin...