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    Gen 2.5 rear cargo cover

    Sorry Toasty, I missed your response. This has found a new home with a local Montero. I spotted a gem 2.5 pull into a parking lot I was leaving from and was able to ask the owner if they could use it. They use their Montero as intended and I mentioned this thread for them so maybe they will...

    Gen 2.5 rear cargo cover

    Cleaning garage and came across a rear cargo cover from my Gen 2.5. Anyone interested? Pickup in So Cal near Thousand Jokes preferred. Possibly open to shipping to a person who could use it. Eric Miss my Gen 2.5….it was a fun vehicle. Made new friends from the two next buyers too. It made its...

    E350 Storage Drawers, Air Down Gear Up SS1

    I had their system in my 200 series Land Cruiser and it was very nicely built. Customer service was also excellent as I worked with them for a few months for some custom mods. I had them add extra L-Track and was one of the first to order the full version that can also be installed as a half...