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  1. Superu

    The Superu 05 Outback

    Salvage title on the Superu was probably due to accident when rear wheel liberated itself from the vehicle after being improperly serviced in TX. Got the recap direct from the guy that bought her from me. ? Last I heard it was seen inoperable, beat to hell with broken glass, parts missing and...
  2. Superu

    Looking at buying a 03-05 Suburban, what red flags should I look for?

    Had 223k miles on my 03 before she rolled And no, it wasn't me driving! Black ice and the first snow of the season took out our beloved Suburban just before Thanksgiving last year. I bought her with 98k on the clock and over the next 7 years put 2 fuel pumps in (the new design by Airtex is...
  3. Superu

    FS: National Luna PPP

    Busy with Easter. Will reply to PM's tomorrow.
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    FS: National Luna PPP

    SOLD! Nice condition National Luna PPP up for sale for half off the price of new. Same unit as seen here. Just before Thanksgiving last year, the Suburban rolled on black ice from the season's first snow and was a total loss. Everyone walked away without a scratch and the PPP was back...
  5. Superu

    Making my choice: 1995 SR or 2002 Limited

    I've owned and loved a 95 SR, but honestly cannot imagine a 500 mile trip with 7 in it or even an 01. Our family of 5 handily loads up our 03 Suburban. For limited trail riding and the duties you've described, I would very seriously consider a larger vehicle than the Monty. Remember, you need...
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    General Grabber AT's

    Have used AT2's on the Superu and run them in a 33" size on my 03 Suburban. Very pleased with them.
  7. Superu

    Forester: ExPo Subaru Project

    Springs Haven't read all 29 pages of this thread yet, but thought I'd mention that Primitive Racing is now carrying Kings Springs, which is what I put on the Superu along with the lift kit. I sourced mine direct from the manufacturer in Australia, but Paul is now carrying the Fozzy springs...
  8. Superu

    Redneck rust repair

    Magnaflow cat back installed and sounds great along with the K&N. Need to program with Bully Dog Triple Dog Gas programmer now and test to see how much towing up grade is improved.
  9. Superu

    Redneck rust repair

    Was able to get to the backside with the VHT rust converter in most spots. No doubt there's still rust lurking underneath in some spots, but I hit as much as I could get to.
  10. Superu

    Redneck rust repair

    Had to do something about the rust in the rear fenders and under the doors, but with 190k miles on the clock and Vermont winters throwing more salt at her, I couldn't justify the cost of true cut and weld replacements. So, since I am always willing to try a new approach, I came up with a mixed...
  11. Superu

    95 Mitsubishi Montero SR Seattle WA

    Still available? Another PM sent. Thx
  12. Superu

    2006 Land Rover LR3 V8 SE

    Any interior pics and underside pics? Any rust at all along the door sills? Also, do you know what is wrong with the sunroof ( possibly a switch/relay or confirmed bad motor) and coolant sensor? Any estimates of repair costs and do you have service records? Been looking for an 04 Disco SE7...
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    1995 Mitsubishi Montero SR, Overland Ready. DFW, Texas

    Couple of questions Hi Scott, Love, love, love these Monteros! Have owned 3 of them over the years and enjoyed them thoroughly. Is the back seat (second row) still in it and did it ever have the mounting for the 3rd row drop down seats? any rust on body panels or underside? does it have...
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    National Luna Portable Power Pack

    SUNSEI SE-1200 18 W solar panel. Have had it for several years without a problem.
  15. Superu

    National Luna Portable Power Pack

    I have used a solar panel from West Marine to trickle charge mine while camping and it worked quite well. I check the exact model and wattage if you need more info.
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    Forester: ExPo Subaru Project

    Good move. Paul Ecklund @ Primitive is a great guy to deal with and was very helpful in building the skidplates for the Superu. Looking forward to seeing this next evolution.
  17. Superu

    Lamin-x yellow on Hella 500s

    Quick update Was driving 2 nights ago to my son's basketball game and ran dead-on into a whiteout on the highway. Low beams were useless as they just bounced lots of white light back at me off the snow. Flipped the "brights" on and the full yellow from the brights and Hella filtered aux...
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    Forester: ExPo Subaru Project

    Tires should do well in the snow. Those Geolandars are what I ran on the Superu through several winters and never had an issue. They handled well enough on ice and had terrific grip in deep snow. Come to think of it, they were pretty good in the wet as well! :ylsmoke:
  19. Superu

    Lamin-x yellow on Hella 500s

    Just completed a simple winter lighting mod that has proven very effective on the Suburban. I run a pair of Hella 500s with clear covers on the push bar as auxiliary high beams most of the year. What I find challenging is getting proper light for the snowy conditions we get up here in VT...