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    SnoMaster Fridge

    BTW...My bad....Just saw this now.
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    SnoMaster Fridge

    Bump....Back on the market. Cleaned out my mess (aka my garage).
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    Thanks for this....

    Thanks for this....
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    Hello. Happy Sunday! Quick you happen to know the overall height of the vehicle...

    Hello. Happy Sunday! Quick you happen to know the overall height of the vehicle with camper? Thanks much, Mike
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    SnoMaster Fridge

    I have a used, dual zone SnoMaster Fridge. Asking $650. Located in Park City, Utah Read the specs here:
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    2016 Chevy Colorado, Z71, Diesel, Denver, Colorado

    Hello. Posting my brother's truck here....Feel free to reach out to him with questions, etc. He is asking $31K. Rob Key points -2016 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 trim -Around 68k miles on it, vast majority highway miles -2.8L Duramax Turbo Diesel w/ Exhaust Brake and Engine Block...
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    Might have missed this...But, what's the height of the overall setup? Thanks much
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    SnoMaster Fridge

    I have a SnoMaster Low Profile Fridge for sale. It's been used for a few years. Comes with insulated jacket, remote, and interior baskets. Asking $850. Located in Park City, Utah.
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    23 Zero Breezeway RTT

    I have a fairly new RTT from 23 Zero. It's the Breezeway 62, Queen Size. It has the new mattress offering as well as made with LST fabric which blocks out the light. I used it a few times but in new condition. Located in Park City, UT. Asking $1200. Thanks...
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    Yakima/Road Shower

    I have a gently used Yakima/Road Shower that is 4 gallons. I used it a few times. Asking $300 Located in Park City, UT
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    ***Sold***2012 Tiger Bengal Tx 4x4 Ram Turbo Diesel

    Such an outstanding setup. I have traveled with it and the owner all over southern Utah. So capable and comfortable. Good luck with the sale!
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    WTB: Tiger Camper or Similar with 4 Vehicle Seats.

    Let me know if you want some more details. It's a 2012, 3500 Ram Laramie, 47000 miles Walk thru, etc....
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    WTB: Tiger Camper or Similar with 4 Vehicle Seats.

    What's your budget? 2013 Ram, 5500, 50,000 miles I think my friend is asking 110k?
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    SOLD - 2020 Ram 2500 PowerWagon Olive Green w/GFC AEVs 37s

    Curious...what's the overall height? Thanks
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    FS: 2019 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab TRD Off Road 4x4 White / Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Looks like a sweet setup. Quick question....How do you like the heater? Does it keep the chill off on cold nights? Thanks and GLWS.
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    SOLD: 2019 Tacoma AluCab Canopy Camper - Sell or trade

    Just curious....Does small heater do an adequate job of heating the camper? I assuming the warm air rises and makes the underside of the bed toasty:). Nice build! If you are interested in a 200 series, holler:). GLWS
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    What's the height of the rig? Thanks
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    3rd row land cruiser 200 series seats

    I have a third row of tan seats out of 2008 200 series LC. $350. Thx
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    (SOLD) -2017 Ram 2500 AEV Prospector, 6.7L Diesel, with overhead rack

    Can I ask why you might be getting rid of it? Also, what kind of MPGs are you getting. Curious...I have driven a Ram 2500 and a Ford 6.7. Both had 37s on them. I was getting 12-14....Both did have a camper in them. Thanks much
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    2020 Ram Powerwagon Carli Baja designs expedition one

    Hello. Looks like a awesome setup. Curious....what kind of mpg's are you getting? Debating between a power wagon and a prospector setup. Thanks and good luck with the sale.