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  1. Wazak

    TOAD - as Suzuki Samurai

    I used to tow a SWB 70 series Landcruiser behind a Dodge B250 Great West van that we had. I'd esedefinitely consider a samurai to tow behind our present vehicle. Our present run about is a Fiat Panda 4x4 which would also make a decent Toad.
  2. Wazak

    Building a better shower pan

    We had one made out of Aluminium Checker plate almost 6 years ago which we're very happy with.
  3. Wazak

    1120 AF Build in Norway

    OUCH! I bet that hurts.
  4. Wazak

    Introducing Rosa, FG bus build

    Nice Bus mate, have you any idea of the length? I'm thinking that something along the size of Rosa would suit me fine over here in the UK.
  5. Wazak

    AI camper creations

    I like the Unimog, Classic Range Rover and the Landy.
  6. Wazak

    My FGB71 build

    We're right there with you Brad regarding the bolt hole. We've been looking for a good while now for such a place. Bolt hole or not come early next year We're hitting the road. You've done an absolutely cracking job with the truck. It's unfortunate that you got so many gremlins in a short...
  7. Wazak

    1120 AF Build in Norway

    Thea has done a tidy job with the carpets.
  8. Wazak

    MB 1120 Coming to America! Purchase, Build and Now Travel!

    I still have in one of my old tool boxes some coins and pop rivets that I used to use when diagnosing air system leaks when I was a mobile service engineer working on heavy earth moving equipment. As a get you home they can be temporarily used to block off a leaking air line. If you suspect a...
  9. Wazak

    MB 917 AF in Norway

    Looks like a very nice compact rig
  10. Wazak

    School Me on Heavy Trucks

    It's much the same in the UK regarding a 4x4 Fuso, in either late 2017 or early 2018 I enquired with 2 local Mercedes dealers about the purchase of a new Fuso 4x4 and the respnse I got was nothing! Sometime in 2018 Mercedes did an advert for the Mitsubishi fuso entitled Fuso can, xan I...
  11. Wazak

    Air bubbles in transfer case oil

    Does the either axle have a Limited slip diff? If so the wrong oil may have been used, you need a good quality LSD oil not just normal gear oil.
  12. Wazak

    Unimog U1300L Drawings or Dimensions?

    AV have an Ambulance box for sale on Ebay so this maybe the one of your Unimog. Can't AV give you the information that you are asking for?
  13. Wazak

    My FGB71 build

    Nice Spot Brad, I haven't found that yet! We've just had a Month in Scotland and will be definitely going back up there come October for another month or so.
  14. Wazak

    Pinzgauer 710M Conversion - Build thread

    It's looking pretty good.
  15. Wazak

    Mercedes Overland Building/Tuning

    If there's air leaking g from the brake chamber there's a good chance that the diaphragm is perforated.
  16. Wazak

    Pinzgauer 710M Conversion - Build thread

    I've saved their details and I'll make contact with them. Thanks very much for your reply. Do they cater for the 716? I've subscribed to your YouTube channel. Cheers Barry
  17. Wazak

    Pinzgauer 710M Conversion - Build thread

    Thanks I'll take a look at their website
  18. Wazak

    Pinzgauer 710M Conversion - Build thread

    Where did you get the drivers cabin hard top form and the rear spring cups?.
  19. Wazak

    Canadian Hino Ranger FT 4x4 Crewcab

    Plus one for the Pinz, I've got my eye on a couple here in the UK
  20. Wazak

    1124 AF Double Cab

    Good luck with your quest, the DVLA doesn't seem to know or care which vehicles are on their so called list of approved vehicles. You could always go down the route of SVA but that could give you more grief than enough. Brian Reynolds did that with a Leyland Daf T244 that he converted, He's over...