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    Release a virus that kills millions spread deadly chemicals around the world actively steal billions worth of IP enslave millions actilvely speaks of taking out its enemies everywhere conning poor and corrupt African countries out of everything they own damming, clearcutting, digging, dumping...
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    Thank you for posting that link. good read.
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    they are wildly different, starting with anywhere in the USA you can be on a level playing field with the criminals. you see some meth heads (not cartel members.....not sure why there is so much cartel talk in this thread about meth heads stealing tires) stealing your tires, you can hold them at...
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    I can't even.
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    good. hope so. maybe they'll finish each other off in one big circular firing squad.
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    SEMA Show 2023

    oooo...I really like those inflatable truck shells
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    good theory as to how it missed the mark.

    why not just get a lower trim level? no one needs the hundreds of bells and whistles they cram into these $70k SUVs these days
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    good theory as to how it missed the mark.

    they are about the same size, same engine/trans, and the truck bed is super helpful
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    Thread for those that have their money down.

    The 'compromises' do seem odd when starting with a blank slate. kind of disheartening.
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    Thread for those that have their money down.

    most manufacturers sell every $60k+ vehicle they can make. people make all sorts of financial decisions for any number of reasons all day every day
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    2024 F150

    subscriptions.....$11k option packages....cameras......heated cup holders y'all let it get this bad?!
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    2012 Range Rover HSE Build/ Travel Write Up

    These trucks do look good but its no surpirese you see so many behind shops slammed on the bump stops covered in dust. Such a shame.
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    UJOR Build Thread

    Liking that extended black van!
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    2022 Chevy Silverado ZR2

    both have a screen, so both have no business in a truck. both suck.
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    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    This is what is so wrong with car froums. There are thousands of mitigating circumstances that could cause a vehicle to fail in hundreds of ways. This 'my truck was gargbage' with no background info skews perceptions and offers no real world useable info. And when asked.....simple minded...
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    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    They sell millions of F150s every year. The forums are the places people go to vent about problems. Its a very small percentage that when gathered on one forum can seem to be the majority, but its not.
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    2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition

    so it will be a used vehicle? You will be the fist titled owner? Who is gonna service these ticking time bombs? I still haven't seen a real one yet, looking forward to it.
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    Project: Blanco, The 2007 F350 Standard Cab Adventure Truck

    What a perfectly optioned/spec'd truck Nice find.