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  1. Markal

    Why don't we see more Ford Ranger builds

    Yes, the Ranger has more back seat room than the Tacoma. I tested both and could see the difference. But the Ranger back seat is still tight. My neighbor has a really nice Ram 1500 and the Ranger's back seats are nowhere near as nice as that thing. So far the only "person" who rides back there...
  2. Markal

    Why don't we see more Ford Ranger builds

    Believe it or not, $53k is msrp for that option package.
  3. Markal

    OBs and OBWs: Outback, Outback Wilderness

    I had an '21 OB Touring XT. Very luxurious and quite fun to drive on road. I always loved leaving big trucks in my dust from red lights (except the one time I tangled with a Raptor!). I made some minor modifications, including skid plate, A/T tires, and ralitek springs in the back. We took that...
  4. Markal

    Why don't we see more Ford Ranger builds

    In March my wife and I tested a couple different Tacomas and pretty quickly put down $500 to get in the queue for a TRD Off Road with the premium package. Price was going to be $53k which definitely made us a bit uncomfortable. As we waited to be allocated a truck, the Rangers started showing...
  5. Markal

    Awning recommendations?

    I have OVS 270 on my trailer. This is its third year and it’s been good. Very sturdy in heavy wind and not too bad to deploy and repack solo. If I were buying today I’d check out Reign awnings.
  6. Markal

    Weather app that works with CarPlay

    Just discovered that MyRadar works with Apple CarPlay. This gives you live radar and now you can get it on your vehicles screen in you use CarPlay. I'm a bit of a weather geek and like to keep an eye on thunderstorms and snow fall when I'm traveling. I'll appreciate it having on the car's...
  7. Markal

    A taste of New Mexico; April 2024.

    Thanks for sharing this trip report. Reminds why I joined this forum. Looks like a fantastic trip and at a great pace to really take things in. We’ve taken two trips to that part of NM in the last few years and visited a lot of the same sites. Love that region.
  8. Markal

    Huge price increase for GAIA Maps!

    Subscribe through Outside+. You get Gaia, Trailforks, and online access several magazines, several of which I find interesting
  9. Markal


    It's really pretty silly to think the level of danger in the US is similar to Baja and other parts of Mexico. Do horrible crimes happen in the US? Yes. But at a much, much lower rate. And most murders in the US are committed by acquaintances of the victim, not random. I have certainly given up...
  10. Markal

    New Tacoma vs Colorado vs Ranger

    After first putting a deposit down for a '24 Tacoma TRD Off Road, I ended up getting a Ranger. I actually like the way the Ranger looks better and I could get options I wanted for about $7k less than the Tacoma. Driving experience was similar, I think, but I drove them three weeks apart so hard...
  11. Markal

    New Tacoma vs Colorado vs Ranger

    Test drive a Tacoma. The previous gen (2023 and older) has a very weird seating position. Intolerable for me, but some don’t mind it.
  12. Markal

    Would an Extra $5,000+ Make a Difference?

    I’m sure it’ll tempt some people. I already see A LOT of Rivians here in Colorado. But I just bought a new truck and didn’t really consider a Rivian. Too pricey, too unreliable, and too much reduction in range when towing.
  13. Markal

    What are the better tent stakes for soft sand?

    Agree with this. Used weighted anchors of some sort, buried in the sand. Logs, bags filled with sand, rocks etc
  14. Markal

    Ford Ranger, 2021 and the new 2024, questions

    Agreed! When we bought our Outback in 2021, I thought all the mid sized trucks (and most 4x4 SUVs) were pretty crappy and had major compromises. Now they are all pretty nice. No pics yet. We got an insanely good rate through Navy Federal Credit Union but can’t settle up till Monday. If you...
  15. Markal

    Ford Ranger, 2021 and the new 2024, questions

    Pulled the trigger on a 2024 Ranger XLT with FX4. The used 2021 was OK, but we got a pretty good offer on our trade at the Ford dealer, much better than Carmax where the used Ranger was, and that narrowed the price difference by over $3k. Plus the 2021 was going to need tires right away, so...
  16. Markal

    Ford Ranger, 2021 and the new 2024, questions

    Oh man, that is tempting, but I've been waiting for almost two years. I was ready to pull the trigger on a Frontier a little over a year ago I think but decided to wait for the new Ranger and Taco. My patience is running thin!
  17. Markal

    Ford Ranger, 2021 and the new 2024, questions

    I've decided against the GM twins because I don't trust the reliability as much. Based on what I've read, I have more confidence in the Tacoma and Ranger despite being new designs. Agree that 7k is enough of a difference to tip the scales. I'll hopefully drive a 2024 Ranger that has the exact...
  18. Markal

    Ford Ranger, 2021 and the new 2024, questions

    Fair point. I've found a 2024 Ranger to test drive (assuming it doesn't sell before I get there this evening).
  19. Markal

    Ford Ranger, 2021 and the new 2024, questions

    We put a desposit down for a Tacoma and we're waiting (3 weeks and counting). The wait has given me time to develop 2nd thoughts about the cost of Tacoma with the options we want ($53k+) and look around some more and I'm starting to like what I've leaned about the Ranger, both the previous...
  20. Markal

    Should I buy a 2024 Tacoma TRD Off Road?

    It’ll be better than my Outback XT, which gets 18-19 while towing our teardrop and has a 15 gallon tank. Based on reviews so far I expect the Tacoma to get similar mpg and I’ll have three extra gallons. That said, I’m having MAJOR second thoughts, even though my $500 deposit is non-refundable...