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    Need suggestions/opinions on truck campers

    So you want to buy another to work on so you don't have to work on the one you have? Keep working n git er done.
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    Four Wheel Camper Installation Question

    This link provides printed instructions for older units plus FWC gives 2 links for newer videos.
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    Pop up camper experiences.

    40" cap, 60" standing room on my Ford.
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    Best Solar Power Setup

    There is truck camping Then there is truck camping And of course there is truck camping What's your flavor? Fridge Furnace Inverter Ham radio ?????
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    Please help me get my van running again - crank but no start

    Is it turning over fast enough? If the battery is shot it would be best to install a new one and clean the terminals before proceeding. Any signs of a rodent making it's home in there? Have fuel left in tank? Turn key on without cranking it, hear fuel pump run? If not have someone crank it while...
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    Resources for complete beginners? S-250 build-out

    Learn CAD - cardboard aided design for your layout.
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    2021 Aluminum Camper Cap Topper 8' Bed - 40" Tall

    It's ready for your adventures, are you?
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    Removing odor after cleaning knife

    Pop the scales off, wash them with dish detergent, take the steel part outside and spray it with carb cleaner. Shake well. Put the scales back on and use knife oil with a needle applicator to put 1 drop on each pivot point.
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    Bridge Camera for Film & Photo

    I've been using canon cameras for over 40 yrs. Started with a 110 point and shoot. Always good pics. Currently have a SX430 is. Fixed screen, 20 mp, 720p video, 45x optical, 180x digital zoom. First pic has a pier in it Second pic shows the people on it. Texas moon then same moon same...
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    gazelle set up while raining?

    Install the floor after it's set up.
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    2021 Aluminum Camper Cap Topper 8' Bed - 40" Tall

    Located in Port Allegany, PA 16743 $4000 I had this topper built November 2021- 40" tall with 2- screened 40" awning windows, 1 fixed clear front window, rack for solar panels, welded reinforcements for the exterior led lights. It has 3/4" insulation in the bays and 1/4" glued to the paneling...
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    Small electric heater for SUV camping

    If you do go this route, get one with a tip over shutoff switch and make sure the switch works. I don't think a 350w will do much. Put your clothes for the next day in the bag with you at night.
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    After 15 years of design and fabrication, time to downsize

    I bought both items. auxbeam has a $35 coupon bringing the pod lights to $104.99
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    A Frame Pop Up Campers: Best Mods

    It's cheap insurance. The latches can and have failed.
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    A Frame Pop Up Campers: Best Mods

    A rod going across between the side walls to prevent them from blowing in in the wind. Two straps going front to back over the roof panels to prevent them from blowing open in the wind during setup, takedown and in use.
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    12v High output USB charger

    Not usb but PWR+ makes 12v chargers for laptops. I bought one a few yrs ago and it works well.
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    Sending directions to phone?

    I plot on my phone, jump in my f150, phone connects to truck via Auto Android and pre-planned Google route shows on the trucks info screen. I imagine iphones can do the same.
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    F150 bed rack / topper options?

    The first 2 can be had. Just need a rack that will work with it
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    The first successful automobile overland drive across the US ended 120 years ago today

    George Wyman finished his 50 day, California to New York trip on a 1 1/4hp motorized bicycle on July 6,1903 making him the first true motor vehicle overlander in the USA.