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    Kimberley Kampers USA

    Holy Smoly...If the KK can do that then the places where NO ONE is around must be endless...
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    Tribe EX500

    Anyone else have any input on that tongue...and would a swing out work with it being that close to TV...?
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    Arkto G12 Review and Discussion

    Thanks Aron...will be contacting you in the very near future!!! Hill
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    Arkto G12 Review and Discussion

    Hey Aron, one more quick question...ever thought about a small indoor sink when weather outside poses a problem?
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    Arkto G12 Review and Discussion

    Hopefully soon this guy in Florida will have one soon... :cool:
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    Whats going on out there in "looking for the perfect off road trailer " world?

    Yep...Arkto G12...the only issue would be toilet accessibility when all 4 of you are sleeping.
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    Looking for input on trailers

    A 97 LC with 1FZJ has a tow limit of 5,000 lbs but mine has a Slee installed Tundra 4.7 that is supercharged. Not sure yet of tongue weight but assume 10% of towed load. Got a 7 ft. garage so none of the top 3 will fit and basically why I threw in the Tribe at 6'10" lower. Otherwise I would...
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    Looking for input on trailers

    Thanks for the detailed description. You seem to be using it the way we would and I 100% agree with your mods and would probably do much the same. My tow vehicle is in my sig line and I'm assuming a 4.7 liter land cruiser is more than capable of moving it down the road. Would you agree?
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    Looking for input on trailers

    Getting prepared to purchase an off-grid trailer and looking for advice. Recent medical issues make an indoor toilet a necessity. Just me and my wife mainly. Used is OK. So my top picks EOS 12 - Price??? Geezzzzz Mission Approach - Lack of storage inside Arkto 12 - No indoor toilet privacy...
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    SOLD 2022 Boreas Eos

    Just came across this...such a it still for sale?
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    2021 Boreas Camper SOLD

    Whoa...that's a beauty...looking for an Opie but this is pretty nice...and I live in Sanford just a little north of Orlando...
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    2020 Opus OP4 Off Road $29,500

    Well, I see the I missing the location?
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    WTB: Opus Air OP4 or similar.

    rvtrader has 37 listings
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    If only COVID wasn't in the way I'd be on my way there now...:cool:
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    Hiker trailer question from a new guy

    That's a nice set up...I'm thinking about an off road version but looks like you could handle some pretty tough trails. What size tire are on it? Thanks Hill
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    Blackseries Sergeant Used 2x $6500

    I sent you a pm May 16th but you never responded to it.
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    SOLD Escapade Backcountry 2019 - 6x10 model

    Galley and interior pics, please
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    Sold - 2017 Conqueror 390, $10,000

    Sweet Trailer...still for sale?