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    What are your opinions of this setup?

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts. I thought maybe I wasn't seeing it clearly but you all pretty much summed up what I had originally thought when I saw the price. It seems like they want to get every dollar and then some out of it. And I wish them luck with that. It's their property and they can...
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    What are your opinions of this setup?

    I saw this over on the Wander the West site. Someone found it on craigslist. Although I like the combo and the mods that have been done, the price seems a bit... optimistic. I wonder what you folks think of the price. Four Wheel Camper with TOYOTA Tacoma TRD Truck - $73000 (Las Vegas)...
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    SOLD !!! MOSES - highly modified FJ with 110K in receipts !!!!!!

    Wow... Absolutely beautiful build!!! What kind of fuel mileage do you get? What is the interior distance from the back of the seats to the rear hatch, at about the top of the storage boxes? Most importantly, being from the great state of California, is the engine and smog equipment stock and...