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  1. D. Tuttle

    2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 build and adventures.

    I love your Alu Cab set-up. Im looking to do a similar bumper and a Superpacific SBX1 Shell on my 2019 ZR2. What did you replace your factory 8" antenna with? For power I decided to fund a new project Zero Breeze Elechive 2200 similar to the yeti 1500..
  2. D. Tuttle

    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    Some pink foam insulation, black paint and glue. This could be formed to the rear windoor for a temp seal.
  3. D. Tuttle

    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    Why are you deciding to go with the 50/50 split. I wonder with a 50/50 split, if there would be a possible use to use the in the truck bed for another bed part or a table. Thanks for those interior photos in your post above......?
  4. D. Tuttle

    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    SEPT28 Nope still waiting patently to hear on build date. You should here before me.?Im sure they will send an email or call.
  5. D. Tuttle

    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    Nope, I did my deposit on Sept 28th. I'm just chilling waiting for the email reply back to say Superpacific is ready to build my order and would like 1/2 payment. Spence mentioned the build should be completed around x-mas. (My fingers are crossed)
  6. D. Tuttle

    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    All Black top on white is wearing on me more when I see Roaming Lost and his blackout Dodge. It nice to know theirs a gray fabric option now.
  7. D. Tuttle

    Question about Vagabond Nomad

    Try A/T Overland or 4 wheel Drive Camper if you looking for something near the Western Rockies.
  8. D. Tuttle

    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    I'm on the list. Looking forward to my new Switchback X1. I'm just a little torn on my choice of color. I drive a 2019 Summit White Colorado ZR2. Im leaning with a black canopy and white side wing doors. I toyed around with a phone app and came up with this image. Im thinking the seals on the...
  9. D. Tuttle

    ISO/WTB GoFast or Vagabond drifter type shell for full-size shortbed

    Sorry for you hardship. I would go with the vagabond preferably no side win-doors for more storage. Vagabond is made in California and are easy to insulate if needed. A gfc was made to travel fast and light. But having two sons. I would consider something more practical like a 16'to20 used...