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    Ham radios. What is everyone using

    Been a ham for about 40 years. I use IC-7300 at home but don't have a small mobile yet. If you want to lick your chops check out what they use in Australia. Police cars have HF. Barrett is one of the main providers. I'd luv to get this going in my rig. check this out...
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    Food storage in Bear Country

    It's important to have bear proof locks as well as a cooler. The locks I got only require a push button to operate. I got my locks from There are no loose parts to lose and no keys. I also lock the cooler to a tree with a bike cable so the bear doesn't "roll" it away...
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    Bear proofing on vehicle-based expeditions?

    I use a bear proof Yeti with some locks from Both are certified bear proof by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. The locks don't need keys or a combination. Just a simple push button, but the bears aren't able to push the button.
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    Bear-resistant coolers

    I use a bear proof Yeti and locks from The locks are operated with your fingers but a bear can't do it. Just a button to release. Both the cooler and locks are certified bear proof by the The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC). I also lock the cooler to a tree. A bear...