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    Hippy Shack

    That and 5 naked hippy chicks. The thing is a babe magnet!
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    Hippy Shack

    There’s a pass through between the cab and the shack. It’ only about 8”x12” though. I weighed it right after it was done and it was 1310 lbs. 4270 lbs truck and camper together. I’ve added some stuff over time so it almost certainly weighs more now. It’s got timbrens, an extra leaf, and helper...
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    Hippy Shack

    The Hippy Shack sits on a 1988 Toyota 4x4 pickup with the 22re 4 cylinder engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. 188400 miles. Inside is a queen sized bed over the cab, a twin in back and a two seat couch on the side. It has a stove with and oven, an ice box, a propane heater, a sink with an...
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    custom camper examples

    Enjoying the 4th season of my "endless winter!"
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    ATTACH=CONFIG]303040[/ATTACH] 88 Hilux with a few mods.
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    custom camper examples

    I was thinking about bolting on a tag axle... But maybe wheelie bars might be more fun!
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    custom camper examples

    Hoping to have this "done" by mid summer...
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    2001 Four Wheel Camper Ranger

    Still available... Make me an offer....
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    2001 Four Wheel Camper Ranger

    Here's a link to my craigslist post. I'm located in Ft Collins CO.
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    FWC Eagle 2005 / Replacing Bedding Material + Ridge Issue

    I replaced my foam at The extra firm product is a nice improvement on the 2" mattress.
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    New (to me) '89 Jayco 8LP

    I bought some little round led lights at a discount store that run on AAA cells and stick on with velcro. Not real bright, but they work ok and save 12 volt juice for the heater. I think they were about $12 for three. Congrats on your purchase!
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    My New Truck Camper

    A good friend of mine has the same camper on his Tundra. He really likes it and says it handles very well too.
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    Camper and Truck Photos

    Tacoma 4-banger with a Four Wheel Ranger... Parked in the "c-lot at Mary Jane," Winter Park, CO.
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    Good news, maybe bad news Flippac

    I think some JB WELD and some thin sheets of aluminum (beer can?) might do the trick.... At least for a temporary fix.
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    Flip Pac vs AT Camper (or FWC)

    I've got the same truck, with a FWC Ranger (long bed camper on a short bed truck). I've got air bags to help out. Yes, it does push the limits a bit. It's not real fast or powerful, but it gets me where I'm going and I get damn good gas mileage too. These small trucks and the 4 cylinder engine...
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    A question for 05-10 Tacoma owners with a FWC

    Walmart sells some ratchet straps that I used to hold an older fleet model on my 2000 Tacoma. There were eyebolts on the camper and I attached the straps to them, and the truck frame underneath. The straps are nice because they ratchet up any excess strap so there's nothing hanging off and...