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    Expedition Accessories - The little things
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    RTT zipper repair Ideas

    I have had problems with my Mombasa cover. I bought a new cover thinking that would cure it. No such luck. Next I will install a plastic zipper (the ones with actual teeth) and bail on the nylon (the ones that look like a continuous coil).
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    No Garage Queens here.....

    With all that brush clearing and road building, they kinda looked like garage queens.
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    Expedition Overland 2013 Tacoma Build

    When I see new gears going into an elocked taco, I do like many, think you "should be like me" - Okay kinda kidding. But really, I have gone through 4-5 ring and pinions (set up by a top notch guy with Nittro gears - wear patterns indicated proper set up). The weight of these trucks are...
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    Gitout Expedition Build - 2013 Toyota Tacoma DC TRD

    I've known a number of folks with bent spindles and you are right, most were damaged when wheeling hard. I have two sets of spindles. One set for winter (no spindles) so I can use chains without using spacers, and one for going places that may be tough :) . OP is right that it takes alot to...
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    FS - 2005 Silver TRD Off Road Access Cab $12,500 (not mine)

    Not Mine - Posted for Ralph (Wildhorse1966) :) PRICE IS FIRM 2005 Tacoma TRD OFF ROAD Access Cab The Good V6 4.0L MANUAL 6 speed 4X4 140,000 miles 1 owner clean title! Regular Oil Changes with Mobil 1 (all maintainance performed on time) Rear e-locker Total Chaos UCAs Icon Shocks ARB...
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    2nd gen Tacoma frame reinforcement

    I don't jump my truck but I have sailed it a good number of times. Being that it is not my DD and I use it for a sport I call, "Collecting Memories." This sport of collecting memories puts a good bit of strain on the truck. I have a couple of cracks, when I see them I drill the ends and...
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    2nd Gen Beds, RTT's, and racks....oh my.

    I designed a simple bar and had a bend and fab for about $200. And recently changed to this attachment design with 9/16" T nuts and SS bolts with Red Locktite:
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    ****** is a friend request? I hope that doesn't invite people into your RTT!!! ********! :D

    ****** is a friend request? I hope that doesn't invite people into your RTT!!! ********! :D
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    Lightforce HID conversion (Lots of Pics)

    Thanks for the write up! It inspired me to do mine as well. I switched things up a bit. To clean out the hole to allow for the HID bulb, I used a 11/16" paddle wood bit. At $3.60 it was a bargain when compared with a $110 end mill and a $26 twist bit. I am also very fond of GE black...