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    Custom Hummer H1

    If I'm not mistaken, I saw that rolling around Red Deer a few years back. GLWS as they say.
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    Wilderness Vans - GRID chassis cab

    Canadian dollars so not that spendy for our southern neighbours.
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    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    Liquid cooled turbos on both.
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    Winnebago EKKO

    I think the term "offroad" needs to be re-defined. From my perspective, if you can drive a grader down it it is a road. Gravel or otherwise. A road is not something that is solely paved.
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    My new Volvo TGB 1314

    Cargo bike riding "Karen" Some people need to be more reasonable when it comes to recognizing their place in the world.
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    2021 Iveco Daily 4X4 Van

    The Canadian forces had a Western Star branded Iveco in its previous generation of vehicles so that's as close as we ever got to having Iveco product in North America.
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    AWD transit in sand

    No low range in the transit. It's a road (heavily) biased AWD that wasn't really meant to do what many around here think it should. That said, if I could own a van, the transit would be it.
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    4x4 Freightliner Mega Cab

    It's back on kijiji up here. I'm wondering about it because it seems to be listed on classifieds on both sides of the border along with a red one that showed up a while back.
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    The full sized mid-size, my 2014 F150 "Fiddy"

    I believe they changed the offset on the new 150s. At least the tire sizes haven't changed.
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    The full sized mid-size, my 2014 F150 "Fiddy"

    Do they even get the F150 down under? I couldn't see them producing something that fit a product they can't buy or was really similar to something they have.
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    We survived the Polar Vortex in our OEV Summit

    Those temps are expected up here but every so often we get a winter without them. Those conditions are what make me shake my head when people from other places talk about winter.
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    Warning, little help?

    Total Composites? They're BC based.
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    Nokian Rotiva AT

    I had these on my f150 and I wouldn't recommend them for ice/slush. The snow rating on any AT tire needs to be taken with a very large grain of salt (pun intended). I found the wet snow and slush ability to be less than the BFG AT and the grip in -15c and colder wasn't as good either. I run...
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    Sweet 6x6 mog for sale

    I'd buy it but the time it would take to scrape off the cultural appropriation graphics is a deal breaker. Who am I kidding? That thing is selling for more than double what my house is worth.
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    Thoughts on the Truckhouse Tacoma expedition camper...

    What would the ideal occupant size be for this thing? I love the concept but I don't think a couple of slightly above average or even average sized people would be comfortable in a Tacoma based camper.
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    Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)

    Maybe try heavy equipment dealers?
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    Freightliner FL70 Crewcab 4x4

    Funny, I've seen this unit listed on kijiji up here and the last time it was on this forum I asked for location with no reply.
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    Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)

    Yep, that's what it is. Very common on commercial trailers but not so common on trucks in my experience.