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    Wildlife Photography

    Hi all, currently hanging out down in the Florida Keys. Yesterday we paddled out and discovered a little canal through some mangroves that led to an area where manatee like to hang out. This guy was very interested in us! I took this shot with a Gopro Hero 8 mounted in a domeport. Randy...
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    Solar charge controller?

    @another_mike , well this is how "ignorant" I am with solar (but trying to learn!!). I have no idea if I'm series or parallel. I bought my fist Renolgy Panel as a solar kit with charge controller. I then bought a second 100Watt panel and it came with 2 connectors to simply tie the panels...
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    Nice, and great job getting that full size truck through there! We've done Broken Arrow trail a few times, it's alway a great time! Here we are heading down the stair case.
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    Solar charge controller?

    Hi all, for the past 2 years now I've been slowly building our solar system for our camper. I initially purchased a Renolgy 100W starter kit (Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit w/ 100W Solar Panel + 30A PWM Negative ground Charge Controller) Next purchase another 100W...
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    First time traveling with my two toddlers

    Sure, you can even get the stickers that are "removable" to make your life easier at the end.
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    First time traveling with my two toddlers

    I assume you are flying? Buy a few new toys just for the flight (pull out slowly as needed). Get a few books of stickers with their favorite characters. For our boy it was Paw Patrol. They can put stickers all over the windows and seats during the flight and then just peel them off before you...
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    Texas to California and Back

    Telluride is a fantastic town. A few options in that area. There is a USFS campground there called Sunshine CG. It's very nice and I believe first come first serve? Another option for free camping is up Last Dollar Rd. Great views over Telluride up there. I'd also plan to get over to Ouray for...
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    TRED Pro works!!

    So I picked up a set of TRED Pro's way back in December from Lucky8 during their sale. Tossed them in the back of my LR4 and thats where they have sat, still wrapped in the packaging since then. Over the weekend we were traveling from Monterey, CA South and decided to stay a night on Pismo...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Heading down the “steps” on Broken Arrow in Sedona, AZ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gap IID Tool: First go.

    I’ve honestly only plugged it in 3 times so far and was scared the whole time that I’d screw something up!! Starting to get past that now :) I’m really not sure what the lifted height is now? I asked Eric at lucky8 what he recommended I set it at and he said 40mm for all sides and that’s what I...
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    Gap IID Tool: First go.

    Yes, If you the get IID tool you do not need lift rods. Of course I'm no expert but this is my understanding and I've had both. You can simply set the height you want with the IID Tool and save it as a profile. You then have the option to leave it in that profile or bring it back down to factory...
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    2006 LR3 Oil Question

    I ran Castrol Synthetic 5/30 in my 08 LR3 all the way up until I retired it with 196K. The only thing I'd add is to be VERY careful tightening the pan bolt. It's an aluminum pan/threads and very easy to over tighten and pull the threads. Ask me how I know!
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    Costa Rica - Nomad America 4x4 rental

    All their vehicles are listed right here: Not sure I understand your question. Do you mean like a camper? Anyway, just email them. They are very helpful.
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    Official Front Runner Outfitters Thread

    A Thank You Hey Front Runner, I was in your shop with my 2 boys a few months back. I had ordered a rear ladder for my LR4 through Lucky 8 and it was not fitting properly. I brought it to you guys and you got it right in the shop and installed it properly. It has been rock solid since and works...
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    Random Scenic Shots

    Sonoran Desert Sunset Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    LR3 Suspension troubleshooting - stiff and bumpy ride, no small bump compliance

    I don't know much on this subject at all however I've seen it mentioned several times on this board and others that the poly bushing are a much firmer ride that stock. Could that be causing it?
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    Towing an “adventure trailer” with disco I or II?

    The tow capacity on the V8 Discovery 2 is 7700LBS. So your well under that. I towed a pop up for a few years with our Disco 2 and it was no trouble at all. That said I'd go V8 LR3 if you can. I had a Disco 2 for years and then an LR3 and Now a 4. The LR3 was leaps and bounds more reliable than...
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    Paddling pics

    @Every Miles a Memory, Great split shot! I just got a dome port a few months ago. Super fun.
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    Paddling pics

    Weeki Wachee River Did a 3 hour paddle down the Weeki Wachee River in Florida a month or so ago. This place is beautiful and we got to see manatees along the way! Here is a link to the video of the day I made:
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    Driving LR3 in North central Mexico???

    Yes In 2013 we drove out 08 LR3 fromColorado to Sayulita and spent 3 months down there. We had no problems driving down sticking to toll roads as much as possible and once in Sayulita we drove around there and Puerto Vallerta almost daily without any problems. Other things happened down there...