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    I have two of them. Excellent tents. Ignore all the complaints about complexity and nightmare if anything breaks. Its a very simple system and I've only ever had one issue where a knot in one of the cables came undone - easy fix. I've used them from Canada to Baja and all over the western...
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    And not a single one of these built to be used and hosed out when home. Whoever owns the polished one should be kicked in the nuts.
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    My Journey

    The quickest way to get that bear killed is to keep feeding it.
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    Hunting season 2023

    We hunt the south central area of WY around Baggs. Sadly the winter kill decimated the deer and antelope and really put a dent in the elk so we are just going to be coyote hunting and playing cards in the wall tent this year. we have been over there camping a few times this year already and...
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    My Journey

    I wouldn't think twice about doing a delete. If mileage goes up then you are using less which is probably better environmentally in the long run then all the heavy metals mined for the SCR/DPF system, DEF and the plastic jugs it comes in ect. I thought anything emissions related was federally...
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    Utah / Colorado Overland Adventure (White Rim Trail > Rimrocker Trail > Colorado Passes)

    April is an almost guaranteed NO. Late May is a possibility if its a light winter and dry spring.
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    Why so many negative YouTube videos about RTTs?

    Sadly many of the videos are nothing more than clickbait to get views.
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    Isuzu NPS intercooler pipe problem and resolution.

    Before going the expensive route try aqua net hair spray. Even on rubber hose you sometimes get the pipes to blow off. Clean them up real good with rubbing alcohol, spray them down with Aqua Net and reassemble. It adds just enough stick that they won't blow off and are still easy to remove if...
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    Overland Expo West or MTN West?

    I'd pick one based on the destination and surrounding area. The stuff at the shows is the same at both. If you are going to camp at the show and attend on several days then Mtn West sucks as there isn't a tree in sight and the dust and wind is horrible. I haven't camped there for Mtn West but I...
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    Nevada Trophy Signups End This Saturday

    Thats too bad, I really would have liked to do something like this but it was just cost prohibitive for what it was presented to be. If someone were to reinvent this, get some sponsors and run it in the summer months I'm sure they would have to limit entries. Fourwheeler magazine has done well...
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    Nevada Trophy Signups End This Saturday

    $850 is a bit steep and not getting registration specific information and detail until after you register kills it for me.
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    LUCAS makes gas caps too?
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    My Journey

    "the number of hunters here was unbelievable.....hard to believe there weren't at least a few accidental shootings & deaths of people that day" While I sure don't enjoy high numbers of hunters concentrated in an area it doesn't mean they are all reckless fools shooting at one another.
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    From VA to the west coast in a 7.3L

    If it doesn't start when warm (after home depot visit) then its something other than glow plugs/relay. The valve cover gaskets on the 7.3's are also the injector and glow plug wire harness for each bank of cylinders. These can go bad and cause a few different issues from a no start to a died...
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    From VA to the west coast in a 7.3L

    Replace the relay first. Easy parking lot swap. I've found that many shops will simply replace all the glow plugs and the relay in one shot but most of the time its the relay. I've seen them function/test fine but were still the fault as they would not carry the current needed for the glow plugs.
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    Continental Divide and Colorado BDR

    Its not uncommon to see an abandon vehicle sit on Forest Service land for years as the investigation process makes it way the different federal, state and local agencies. Eventually it will be towed out. I know of a Honda Element that sat for 4 years before it was removed.
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    Wandering US in a UK spec Land Rover

    Sounds exactly like a used rover.
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    If its a 4 cyl gas rover then 20 gal. of fuel might be mandatory to get anywhere!
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    Kofa Wilderness - Southern Arizona

    Just look like someone cleaned a bunch of quail to me - all you keep is the breast. Doesn't take many for a big pile of feathers, wings and heads.