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    High Altitude Trailer XT 105

    Outback RV of Texas is listed on the website. You can get an XT105 from any of our listed dealerships if they want to sell it. Outback has already sold two. RV's of America and HAT CO are still working on their designs so there is no need to advertise until it is completely finalized.
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    High Altitude Trailer XT 105

    The first production unit is complete and we learned a lot from it. It probably is the best insulated rig as well as seamless. It probably would do a fair job for full time living. It wasn't the goal and some people have lived full time out of our XT50 rigs. We have been tossing the idea of...
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    High Altitude Trailer XT 105

    What would you like to know?
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    Black Series fire hazard

    High Altitude makes a smaller rig with an outdoor kitchen. It is their XT50.