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    2020 Ford Transit AWD Not a bad option for custom wheels
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    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    The zr2’s are gorgeous
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    Discovery 3 (LR3) and Discovery 4 (LR4) Registry

    I too would love to know who makes the brushguard - looks awesome
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    Rover Warrior.... LR3 Build engagement pics

    Damn was hoping to get a visual Lol - thanks anyways man
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    Rover Warrior.... LR3 Build engagement pics

    Monty I see you have/had Blackrhino warlords Any pics that I can you have would be awesome thinking of ordering same wheels or the Blackrhino york I read through the prev thread about the spacers and lugs but still want a less bling wheel Thanks in advance Shaun
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    Discovery 3 (LR3) and Discovery 4 (LR4) Registry

    2005 LR3 4.4 v8 hse 187,000 kms Just getting to know it now bought yesterday Need a school lesson on it lol Over from Full size, Yota & yes even jeep camp So far its my fav rig to date Gamester - seems we have similar tatses Ktm 1090adv R
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    1986 GMC S-15

    Amazing truck man - love the trip pics as well. Goes to show dont need flashy brand new rig to have fun & in fact I love your truck. I had an 84 s-10 2wd for years was an awesome truck
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    4x4 Toyota Tundra / Chinook Conversion - 6,000 Mile Test Run COMPLETE!

    Search Tunook build on here... is reg cab but may give you some ideas & its just awesome to see it edit - found it
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    While I loved my 2013 Tacoma - I have since traded up/across - Introducing Moose 2012 Tundra Sr5 will have a pic w him wheeling sooner than later
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    Pita Van 4x4 Conversion

    Both Pita van & New red are gorgeous vans
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    FOUND Vans For Sale! Not mine & not affiliated, good price though
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    The Lunchbox Build... 4x4 chevy shorty van

    Sorry to hear about your trans issues, still an amazing build and a wicked van. I love the work you have done. I'll leave this here and maybe you can have a mini version as well Found a lunchbox rc kit
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    Pics of your Ambulance. Post Up!

    Abitibi - Love it - My fav ambo build yet
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    *RickRunner* - Rickashay's 05 T4R

    Addison I had a buddy in highschool that used his wheels as a coffee table when it was winter.. was pretty wicked & ya almost too pretty scratch & get dirty.. what tire size going with?? & cant't wait to see them mounted
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    *RickRunner* - Rickashay's 05 T4R

    Nice I saw that on Vin's website can't wait to see the runner together
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    *RickRunner* - Rickashay's 05 T4R

    Waiting for the pics of the lift, wheels and tires is worse than waiting for xmas lol.. great build so far man
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    Ford Transit Quigley vs Sprinter 4x4?

    D1L is your Transit a quigley 4x4??
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    Road to SEMA, A 90 day build ROUND 2

    Actually yes, yours? Pm me if so