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    SOLD! 2017 Earth Cruiser FX

    Is this still for sale? If so pls DM
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    2021 Fuso FG 4x4 Overlander... "West Elk Wilderness Edition"

    Anyone know whether this unit could be imported into Canada?
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    Fabulous rig that I’ve been following from day 1. Question: what modifications would you make to turn it into a 2 person rig?
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    SOLD: 2019 EarthCruiser FX

    They seem to have sold 10,000/year in their heyday, with a huge decline in later years to a mere 1400 sold in 2019. The 4x4 diesel being some fraction of that.
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    SOLD: 2019 EarthCruiser FX

    I’d add that total North America sales of Fuso trucks in 2019 was less than 1400. So perhaps not so surprising that I don’t see any on the road. Still interested. Look forward to your thoughts.
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    SOLD: 2019 EarthCruiser FX

    Thanks. I’ll think more about it. I don’t see many on the road. Maybe that’s because I’m in Canada. I’m sure you’re right that you could get parts flown in from o/s in the future, and you’re definitely right about the cult factor! Awesome rig - I much prefer it over the EXP.
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    SOLD: 2019 EarthCruiser FX

    I'm sure this is an amazing rig, and one I am interested in, but I worry about Fuso's withdrawal from North America with only 7 years future service/parts etc. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.