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    2010 Nissan Xterra Build

    Which bilstein shocks are you running? How are they riding?
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    Toyota vs Nissan?

    I have an '06 xterra and I love it. I have about 150,000 miles on it and still going strong on the r180 front dif. I know it's not the strongest, but I have wheeled it fairly hard and I have no problems. I would recomend using redline fluids. They are the best you could ever use.
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    Got my new isolator!

    ice, How is this working out and what does the install look like and require?
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    "King Leonidas" Build thread!

    Did your photos work previously?
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    Nissan Truck Rally in Texas

    I wish I knew about this earlier....
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    Custom Front Recovery Points

    Yeah, I'm interested in a set of those too... or perhaps a cad file, measurements or something in between...
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    Nissan Titan Expedition

    Nice rig, So what are your next planned mods?
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    Rock slider designs. Kick outs or no Kick outs?

    Just get shrockworks. Call jim and talk to him. He may have them in stock. I lucked out and got mine in about 2 weeks....
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    Eco3 Oil Change

    you guys should check out redline oil products. Their products are easily the best, and they have the test results to prove it. I run redline in everything. y used oil after about 15,000 looks better than mobil 1 super syn (what I used to use) after only 3-5,000. give it a try, it's not all that...
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    Big SWR problem

    Not all of us young guys are ignorant to the camel trophy. I have read and seen a few articles about it. I would have loved to have been a part of it, but being meerly 28 myself I'm a little young to have been a part of that. I'm running a built cobra 29. I would recomend that you find a good...
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    New guy gas can questions

    That's the truth. We can thank those morons for all of this craziness... But then again here in Tn things are just as foolish...
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    Cooper Discoverer STT in a 255/85-16?

    I would really love to have the 255's on my xterra. I think they would be the perfect size and I also think that there should be more options in this size... I mean come on goodyear, general, firestone, bfg... they dropped the ball on that one. I would love to see some at's, at/mt crossovers...
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    New Dunlop Rover M/T Maxx Traction

    How are these tires holding up? who is running them?
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    2010 Nissan Patrol/QX

    I hate to see that they finally de-balled the patrol. That and the jeep wrangler were pretty much the only solid front axel vehicles that are still being made. It is truly a sad day...
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    Newb From A Land Far Far Away

    Welcome and bight I say nice pathy. Sounds like you have a very well put toghther rig...
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    NXRocks sliders and skids

    Yeah I agree, his skid plates look like they are going to be very tough and I bet they would do better than many other choices...
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    New guy gas can questions

    Like I said before I have a source for the sceptre MFC
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    Found some good prices on Scepter gear

    I can't get parts as of yet, but I know that as of right now I can get the cans, both new and used. I can get new for about $70 and used for around 45-50, depending on how the guy that has them feels that day... I'll post a photo when I get a chance...
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    Found some good prices on Scepter gear

    I have a source on the scepter mfc's. I love those cans. They kick ***...
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    New guy gas can questions

    I have a source for a couple of scepters. They are a little expensive, but they are brand new. I have a couple of the fuel cans and I have to admit they are great, just make sure you get the lids on nice and tight...