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    Van vs Truck Camper

    No, not at all. The truck is a diesel so it's not super quiet anyway. It's only higher than the truck cab by a little bit and I do plan to build a roof rack over the cab with a wind deflector.
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    Legroom in a Chevy van for the driver?

    It should be quite simple to fabricate new mounts to allow the driver's seat to move farther back. Any decent custom shop should be able to accomplish this.
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    Van vs Truck Camper

    I've been going through this same debate. My needs are a little different though as it is just me and my dog traveling and I'm doing shorter trips through the USA (maybe 30 days max). Because I already own this truck and have built it up over the years, I will be sticking with it. I will be...
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    How to lift and mount heavy baja style truck canopy (not slide in)?

    I have a forklift and used it to load mine on. I was going to suggest trying to find someone with a forklift but I guess it couldn't have worked out any better! (y)
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    Camper shell build thoughts?

    I have not installed it yet. I'm pretty sure I'm going to cut the back of the cab and build a full height passthrough instead. I think having just an open window will be too much of a pain to have to crawl through. I'll most likely sell the Breezer.
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    Chassis selection: Bucher/Mowag Duro II

    Had to google it as I had no idea what you were talking about. Here is a photo for others to see. While I think it is cool, it is way too big for my use. May be fine for what you're going to do with it though. I hope your windfall is significant because you're going to spend a ton of $ getting...
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    -1973 K5 - Project Canyonero

    Wow, you've been through a lot! Sounds like you have a great attitude though. Please update us as you can. I have a '79 that will be going through a rebuild soon.
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    Bed setup with drawers and large spare while maintaining space for sleeping

    What kind of trailer are you pulling? Can you mount it on the trailer somewhere?
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    Pass-through really necessary?

    I'm a big fan of a pass through so here is my silly analogy: Do the bedrooms in your house open to the inside of the house or do you have to go outside to access them?
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    Why does no one use a high truck shell?

    I posted this in another thread not too long ago. This one works well for me as it is just me and my dog traveling. Don't care what anyone else thinks about it. I bought it used on CL and got a great deal on it. Had been looking for a while but 6'6" bed models are hard to find and they are...
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    Camper shell build thoughts?

    Yes, it is aluminum. Don't know what it weighs though. I did have to use my forklift to set it on the truck mostly because it has a 6" lift and sits pretty high.
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    Camper shell build thoughts?

    My camper is lined with 1/4" cedar planks, t&g. They are very light weight. The truck is a Duramax that has been deleted and tuned so it is quite powerful. I did not notice any difference with the added height of the camper. I do plan on putting a rack on top of the cab and will probably have a...
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    Camper shell build thoughts?

    I picked this up on CL last year for $350! Lined with cedar and insulated. Had a crappy bed/storage box with it which I removed. It is perfect for my needs as it is just myself and my dog. I am still debating on whether to keep the factory bed or convert to a custom flat bed. With a flat bed I...
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    Well, my friend took the plunge...Z71 2004 Suburban for Overland/Off Road. Build test video and walkaround inside!

    Hey, I recognize you from the Corvette Forum! Great video, like most of yours are. Not sure how cool my truck is but it is a work in progress. I'll be making a trip down to Vegas this month or next. I'm just south of Carson/Tahoe.
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    2002 Duramax Solid Axle Adventure Build

    Hey NVWill. Your truck is looking good! Love the rear bumper build. I'm down in Smith Valley. Here's my in progress build. Still debating whether to stay with the stock bed or build a custom flatbed. I got my H2 wheels from Jack @locrwln. His rig is amazing and also a big inspiration. Maybe...
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    2005 Chevy Astro AWD Stealth Campervan - Meticulously Crafted Inside & Out - SOLD

    Just found this thread as I did a search on Astro Vans. I am looking at a couple AWD Astro vans locally with the idea of building a rig. I wanted to see some others and I will say, you have done a really nice job on yours. As far as the price, I think the problem is you are trying to sell a 15...
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    Vehicle Selection Dilemma

    Okay, so we have votes for every option. I guess I'll just have to build them all! :oops: :) I've been camping out of the back of the diesel truck camper shell for the last couple years. I'm tired of "crampmig" in such a small shell with no headroom. I've been looking at used slide in campers...
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    1992 Dodge W250 Cummins / VW Vanagon Abomination *MAY CAUSE BLINDNESS*

    As a long time hot rod builder and a fan of vans, this project is very appealing. Seams like an early Dodge or any full size van would be a lot easier but I guess you're a VW guy. My sister has a Westy and has been trying to get me into one but they are crazy expensive for what they are and...
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    Vehicle Selection Dilemma

    I have a vehicle selection dilemma. :oops::) If I won the lottery (I guess I have to actually buy a ticket to win!) I would buy a diesel Sportmobile. I had a couple custom vans back in the 70's and have always liked them. I like the ability to just be able to park and get into the back without...
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    Beemer Chef???

    I bought his rig a couple years ago. Went down to NM and stayed with him and got to talk for hours. I unfortunately sold the rig last year because I can no longer ride long distances. I haven't spoken to Ara in a while but would like to make another trip down there and visit but with stupid...