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    Gear like MaxTrax maybe cheaper in the long run than this alternative

    Outside Magazine article with video from the dashcam from point of view of the rescuer
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Drifta stopped selling Snow Peak stuff few years ago and unfortunately stopped making aftermarket parts like the adjustable legs.
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    Latest Photo?

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    2m HAM (Dual): Monitor two 2m frequencies?

    The Kenwood TM-V71A and TM-D710GA both have dual VFO's. Ability to listen to two frequencies at same time and when transmitting on one frequency, can still listen on the other. On my TM-V71A, I have connected a single external speaker (there is an option for two external speakers). I have it...
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    Toyota developing solid state battery for EV's.

    A 500WH solid state lithium battery to power a big drone currently costs $1000. I can't imagine the costs of solid state lithium batteries to power a car yet.
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    Good Idea? Bad Idea?

    Maybe for testing purposes? Seems like after miles of washboard roads the hard solar panel may vibrate loose unless there are some bolts that attach the panel to the hood. I agree with billiebob, that one in the first post is not a clean install and agree on the sun ray reflections.
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    Ever wonder how World Championship Rally Raid Roadbooks get made?

    That's awesome that the Sonora Rally made it onto the calendar for 2023 FIA World Rally-Raid Championship. I follow the Dakar Rally and even have the Dakar Rally logo sticker my Land Cruiser. I'm already committed to a long work trip in March or I would have loved to volunteer to make the roadbook.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Welcome to Snow Peak Anonymous! :ROFLMAO: I'm still waiting for the Table Top Architect pieces to reach this side of the pond.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Thanks for the info. I'll have to come up with alternate plans.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Are they any other places in the States that I can source G-Works products? I'd like to go from a 5-lbs propane tank -> split into two lindal valves so I can run two stoves off it. I've searched ebay and Amazon and only saw a small selection of G-Works products.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Oh cool. Thanks for sharing your video.
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    Synthetic winch line?

    My Warn XD9000 came originally with 5/16” 100’ steel I went with 3/8" 80’ AmSteel synthetic as a compomise for less line to pull out to get optimal 1 or 2 wrap for pulls. And went with 5/16” 50’ extension Total 130’ I went with 5/16" extension...
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    FZJ80 shopping- am I crazy?

    RHD will also make passing vehicles on 2 lane highways difficult unless you have a co-driver to spot for you. But then again, how likely are you going to pass a vehicle while driving an 80? ?
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    2007+ LC79 model kit?

    I've haven't had much luck finding any 70 series diecast in one of the larger scales like 1:24, 1:18, etc.
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    12v Fridges - Empirical-ish Collection of Sound Levels

    Which free dB measuring app do you guys like for iOS? I'm currently using the free version of Decibel X. Other than the annoying ads since it's the free version, but sometimes I question the numbers I'm getting. When I expect to read a high number sometimes it's way lower than expected. When I...
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    12v Fridges - Empirical-ish Collection of Sound Levels

    Unfortunately, don't have my Engel MT45 anymore to test, but I don't remember it being annoying loud as I have slept inside my vehicle a couple times with no issues. Friend had a Engel MT040 and I remember I was sleeping in my tent and when his Engel MT040 inside his rig kicked on, the buzzing...
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    Sad End to This Cautionary Tale, As Folks Start to Head Back Out Into the Wilds, Pls Be Careful

    I went to the Gofundme page and read the details. "(April 9) After a failed aerial rescue attempt, rescuers finally made contact with Emily and Alex. Rescuers, family, and friends were devastated to discover that Alex had suffered fatal injuries trying to make it through Willow Creek Canyon to...
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    Sad End to This Cautionary Tale, As Folks Start to Head Back Out Into the Wilds, Pls Be Careful

    No idea what map they had. They had to hike 22 some miles to go back east to the major road. They probably thought about going west to hit Badwater Road for the shorter distance. Rather than stay with car or backtrack, it seems they chose to go into the unknown (to them). Assuming they walked...
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    Sad End to This Cautionary Tale, As Folks Start to Head Back Out Into the Wilds, Pls Be Careful

    The couple underestimated the terrain from their map. Not sure if they had a topo map. I'm familiar with the terrain in that area as I have gone canyoneering there and been through many of the canyons. Very steep terrain with 200' rappels.
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    Play bikes...

    2021 Honda Trail 125 is an option if you wanted something lighter with light trail capability. Used in Australia as a postman bike. One Australian traveled on the previous model from Perth to London (shipping across the oceans of course).