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    Anyone know where I could aquire a set of Mopar high clearance fenders

    That part number is for the 2 door flares. The Unlimited 4 door flares were discontinued years ago...
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    Overland Frontier: Anza-Borrego Desert Iconic Trails & Oasis Journey

    Roger spares no expense when it comes to food on the trail, trust me! #fatandhappy
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    Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx

    Yes sir! If I were to keep my TJ I was gonna get a set of Bridgers but I ended up going JK. As soon as I got my second JK back in March of '09 I was on the hunt. It took me about a week to locate 5 from one dealer. Apparently they were discontinued in early '09. Trying to find a replacement...
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    Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx

    I finally pulled the trigger and couldn't be happier! Ordered up a set of 315/75R16.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Recent changes to my JKU Trucklite LED headlights, Aussie/Euro fender marker lenses, and 315/75/16 Cooper ST Maxx's
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    Falken WildPeak MT Tire

    I spoke with a rep at Easter Jeep Safari and he mentioned that it's still being fine tuned. A release date of hopefully October or early November was leaked out in the conversation.
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    LightForce Venom?

    I would contact Ben at Outback Proven but give him until next week as he's at Cruise Moab I believe.
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    Mauka2Makai - Our Quest Begins...An 80 Series Adventure

    Nice Work, was just eying those batts at Sears Friday night. Could ya update us all on how those Coopers are treatin' ya. Thanks, Pete
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    Nice Jeep! I'm interested in the brand of rock rails your Jeep is sporting. I am looking for...

    Nice Jeep! I'm interested in the brand of rock rails your Jeep is sporting. I am looking for something with a bit of a step and those might do it. Thanks, Pete
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    Mauka2Makai - Our Quest Begins...An 80 Series Adventure

    Great thread. One day I hope to do some exploring in Death Valley. Could you give a bit of an update on your tires since you've had 'em for a bit longer and now have experienced some snow. I've been eying the ST Maxx's to maybe replace my STT's. Thanks, Pete
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Congrats on your J30. I was just in PDX for the Swap Meet at the Expo Center this past weekend and would have enjoyed checking out your Jeep. Next time I am up your way. I'll shoot ya a pm.
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    Jeep reveals Moab Easter Jeep Safari concepts

    Silvanus, You are describing something similar to the J7 Stripper from an earlier Easter Jeep Safari. I believe and JP magazine did a write up on it.
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    Made the Leap - 2012 AEV Built JK Unlimited Rubicon

    hollaback55, Did you see the FRONT RUNNER SLIMLINE II HALF RACK / EXTREME /JEEP WRANGLER JK - 5 DOOR, part #KRJW015T, that mounts through the top and to the roll bar? It looks to be about the same size maybe a bit smaller than the AEV rack. BTW my friend Dave is still kicking himself for not...
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    AEV 2.5" lift install

    I second Jason at Trail Concepts. :-)
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    Toyo MT 255/85R16 (and comparison pics)

    Thanks for your .03 Redline. I may split the difference and go a 285/75. Still lots of miles left on my Coop's. Treadin' Pete
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    Toyo MT 255/85R16 (and comparison pics)

    Redline, I was just gonna ask about safe wheel width with the 255's. I air down to 8 psi when in the sand dunes and have an 8 inch wheel with my current 305/70r16's. Will I still be safe going as low on the 255's and how do you feel the floatation will compare to my 305's? Thanks, Pete
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    themickeyd, How did those tires do on the sand? I've been eyeing that size but am worried about floatation. I currently have 305/70r16's on 8 inch wheels that I air down to 8psi when on the dunes and like the way they perform.
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    Equipt Recovery Gear Final Close Out! 50% Off Entire Stock

    Email sent. Hopefully I get in on this sale...