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    2007 4th Gen 4Runner V8 aka Officer Dans video content thread

    Nice rig! I also have a 07 except mines a V6 and was wondering what fog lights you used?
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    Dodge Ram 5500 motorhome

    Great looking truck!
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    M1010 expo build. The Mountain Turtle

    Very nice! Love the pictures!
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    Yet another tire thread: your viewpoints welcomed!

    Have a set of Duratracs with 19,950 miles on a 9500# GMC dually. Probably 65-70% left. Very quiet and good in the mud, snow and sand. Will be top of the list next time I buy tires.
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    What problems to look for with '02 Grand Cherokee with 4.7L

    Long time lurker here. Guess it's time for a post. I would strongly recommend having a compression test done. Had a valve seat issue with mine and blew the piston out the side of the block, no warning or anything. It's one of the few known problems. Otherwise it was an awsome rig.