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  1. Yroundrdn

    PSA: 4Runner (Lifted Vehicles) Catalytic Converter Theft

    We are getting hit hard in So Cal. Just about every tweeker now has a battery operated sawsall and can get in and out in a few minutes. They end up going down to Mexico and then China for a decent amount of cash. We definitely need to armor up under the trucks.
  2. Yroundrdn

    rtt vs slide in camper

    Our RTT just arrive and to be honest, haven't used it but we really enjoy the simple camping, crawling back into places where no man goes and not carrying all the weight up high. So that's our take. We considered both and after looking at the places we enjoyed, the simplicity of the way we...
  3. Yroundrdn

    Which Taco for AT Overland build?

    TRD Off-road is the truck! Very happy with mine and though I thought I would never use crawl control, I found it's very nice to have "just in case" you end up needing to back down something or in a bad spot, miles from anywhere. It's like a winch, may never use it but gives peace of mind...
  4. Yroundrdn

    Good by Suburban, hello Tacoma

    The suburban was a fun build and gave us 4 years of great memories but the opportunity to sell the beast came up so I bought the truck I've always wanted. Our last trip included some crazy trails where a Sub should not have been, with some narrow trails and intense drop off sections. It was...
  5. Yroundrdn

    Another Rustoleum $100 paint job

    Oh ya, checked it closer today, definitely not smooth but I could sand that out if I wanted. Given my in-experience, I probably had some settings wrong with the gun as well. I wouldn't do this on my classic cars but on many of our overland vehicles it is a good option.
  6. Yroundrdn

    Another Rustoleum $100 paint job

    I didn't notice any orange peel and was quite surprised. It did show any and all shortcuts on the prep work though. I took a lot of time stripping the hood and wish I had stripped one fender a bit more but for what I use it as, it's more than fine. I thinned 3oz of turpentine to 16oz of...
  7. Yroundrdn

    Another Rustoleum $100 paint job

    I did the roller job on the roof and it didn't last 6 months. Now I have to go back and redo that. I'm sure prep was a large part of it.
  8. Yroundrdn

    Another Rustoleum $100 paint job

    Not that knowledgeable on those terms but the paint seems very solid and will be more than enough for my use. It could use some buffing out where the fog landed over gloss in some places.
  9. Yroundrdn

    Another Rustoleum $100 paint job

    Had to strip the hood and sanded it all down Prep for paint Then spray it on Next I will paint all the black, the roof rack and the roof but was pleased with less than $100 in supplies and a spray gun.
  10. Yroundrdn

    Another Rustoleum $100 paint job

    Afraid to leave and get arrested... I looked out at the un-used Covid restricted Suburban and decided any effort at a paint job would be better than what's there. It had gotten so bad that paint would flake off in the rain!
  11. Yroundrdn

    Let’s see your CUCV

    very nice truck, a good find.
  12. Yroundrdn

    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc - Finally has Index!

    OK guys thanks for the input. They will probably make it home. Hopefully it’s just the MAP. Happens less so I’ll check when we get home Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yroundrdn

    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc - Finally has Index!

    Hard start question We are on a trip in Colorado and for the first time I am noticing difficult starting with the suburban. If the vehicles warm you turn the key and it’s running just like always. I’m finding when it’s cold it turns over for a long time unless I push the gas a bit. The only...
  14. Yroundrdn

    thoughts on full size

    As work trucks, I had a 2011 Raptor- underpowered and 11 mpg max, then went to a 16 F150 2.7 EB 2WD, fun power, averaged 17mpg driving it hard, then back to a 2016 F250 4x4 with 315s, and I still haven't hit the double digits on gas, best has been 9+ . All mpg was taken from the onboard...
  15. Yroundrdn

    2021 Tahoe- Interesting but not sold on it

    Well this is interesting. I think I like the rear diff being tucked up high but the writer didn't have a lot of good to talk about the other items. I would think it's not too hard to protect that but then, who buys a $60k vehicle and drags it over everything. New Tahoe
  16. Yroundrdn

    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc - Finally has Index!

    Thanks for putting that out there. I am definitely going to check that wiring harness
  17. Yroundrdn

    GMT400 Suburban as Base Overland Rigs?

    I've been very happy with my suburban. My build thread is below. This is a low budget built but gets me everywhere I've wanted to go as long as the trails were open. The G80 is a stock LS Locker and works great for me. I've had issues lifting vehicles in the past. Ya, I get some clearance...
  18. Yroundrdn

    Are Surface cracks on front diff a problem?

    Thank you! You guys are awesome. Yes, some are raised above the surface. Planning a trip to Colorado in the snow, not the ideal place to break down. I was definitely concerned.