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    2016 four wheel camper fleet

    Front dinette . Flush mount sink and stove. Furnace , hot water tank 6 gallons . Isotherm 65 litter fridge . Thermal package . Hypervent mattress vent. Led lights inside and out. Fantastic fan with remote and rain sensor and extra vent . Go power 200 watt semi ridgid panels. Victron solar...
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    2016 four wheel camper fleet

    Here is my camper for sale if anyone is interested. Thx
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    FWC style flatbed build

    Awesome job . Can’t wait to see the finished camper
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    WTB: RCLB 4x4 Tundra

    I have a 13 with 130 on it . Owned for the last 3 years. If interested let me know . In Massachusetts
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    2017 Rubicon w/ AEV & Ursa Minor

    I appreciate it just way more then I have to spend . But thanks
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    2017 Rubicon w/ AEV & Ursa Minor

    Wow looks great . Looking for my first jeep. And someday want a ursa . Seem like a good deal
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    2017 FWC Hawk Flat Bed/ Update: Sold

    Ok great I’m going to talk to wife about it . Any issues at all. Any wear on canvas or roof . Any dents
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    2017 FWC Hawk Flat Bed/ Update: Sold

    Wow great deal . So can the boxes be removed on bottom . I have a 8’ bed and wonder if it would work Thx
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    Palomino Backpack

    Great write up. Love the way you mounted awning . I have owned many truck campers. Just bought a 2020 1240 . So far loving it .
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    Wow wish it was running I would be all over it
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    2016 FWC Hawk- Looking for FWC Fleet

    Are you still looking for one
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    Northern Lite 610 camper for sale $16k Washington State

    Ya wish it was on east coast . My dream camper
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    The Woodsy Bit: Adventures of an '88 Phoenix

    Nice long time no see . Hope all is well . Looks good
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    2014 Toyota Tundra SR5 Build

    Wow awesome build. Love tundras . I Have owned them for 12 years . Wish I had your skills
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    Lite Craft camper VIN location?

    Not much out there in them. Since closing down years ago
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    Breathing life into a 30yr old Travelaire

    Looks great Enjoy your labor