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  1. marathonracer

    06 Tundra DC: ABS and Engine Light Question

    Don't have your answer but a diamond full floater...that's awesome
  2. marathonracer

    FJ with all the "stuff"

    I think his name was superfj or something like that. He was banned like 3 different times and would make a new profile.
  3. marathonracer

    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    I would not be afraid of a 1st gen with that mileage even if you aren't "handy" set some money aside for maintenance and you will be good. These trucks don't need much usually if they are taken care of...timing belt/wp and LBJs every 100k then little things every so often. There are many threads...
  4. marathonracer

    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    Having run both duratracs and ko2s in the snow which do you like better?
  5. marathonracer

    2006 tundra sas build

    What size where the swampers?
  6. marathonracer

    255 toyo or 285 duratrac

    This will be a year round set for this truck.
  7. marathonracer

    255 toyo or 285 duratrac

    At the risk of starting yet another obligatory tire thread I would like some input on the thoughts between these two tires. My truck is used pretty much for working in the woods guiding. It sees very little pavement and most of the time is spent getting to the good spots. If narrowed my...
  8. marathonracer

    2nd vs. 3rd Gen Tacoma

    1st gen tundra DC....plenty of room for kiddo seats and tows way better than a Tacoma. Looks bigger but honestly is not that much larger than a 2nd or 3rd gen tacoma dclb. Only down side is no factory locker.
  9. marathonracer

    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    Does that bed slide tip down or just slide out? If it tipped that could be pretty slick with the sled.
  10. marathonracer

    Dura-Trac Follow Up Report:

    Whoa zombie thread reply....
  11. marathonracer

    Cletus' 2002 Tundra AC Build

    Very nice. Well thought out design.
  12. marathonracer

    Opinions on Ready Lift levelling kits?

    Rear 5100s aren't height adjustable like the fronts. They are a longer shock so they can accommodate a rear lift option if need be but are also fine with just a stock rear end. I have 5100s up front and 4600 HD in the rear since the PO had just replaced the rears. When it's time I'll be...
  13. marathonracer

    Opinions on Ready Lift levelling kits?

    I got mine from wheelers offroad around 230 bucks so exactly the same price point. Install is easy since it's just basically changing the shock. There were some quality control issues a few years ago but that seems to be resolved.
  14. marathonracer

    Opinions on Ready Lift levelling kits?

    Why not run a set of 5100s instead...for the price you would have a new shock and a lift system that is specifically designed not to limit up travel or over extend down travel. If you Google 5100 vs spacer there's a pdf file from bilstein explaining this. Fwiw I have an 06 DC with 5100s set on...
  15. marathonracer

    TaTundra 1 gen DC build

    Weird. Wonder if that's an AC vs DC deal or just one of those anomalies between 05 and 06s versus the rest of the 1st gens
  16. marathonracer

    285/75R16 Tire Recommendations

    Quite surprised with your experience with duratracs in the snow. I've run a lot of different tires ATs and MTs on lots of different trucks (I work in the woods every day) and found them to be the best tire for multiple snow depths and conditions off road and on road. Nothing is awesome on ice...
  17. marathonracer

    Frame recall opinion sought

    I'very never heard of the 15 year thing. I had a taco frame replaced and my 1st Gen tundra inspected and sprayed. So can I go back with my tundra before the 15 year mark for another inspection even if the service campaign is over?
  18. marathonracer

    The 255/85R16 Tire Official List

    33 9.5 interco SX2... I'll just leave this here :)