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    For Sale 2017 Fuso FG

    Thanks, for getting back to me and giving some knowledge the rig. This will be my adventure rig purchase, so I'm trying to do a lot of research to figure the best rig for my lifestyle. Just so you know I'm looking at a couple possible options for a adventure rv. Good luck with getting back...
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    2017 Fuso FG 4x4: A Stellar platform for an expedition truck

    Is the Fuso FG and Camper body still available? Thanks Aaron
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    For Sale 2017 Fuso FG

    Thanks for getting back to me. Why are selling it so soon? What kind of camper and how did you attach it to the flatbed? Aaron
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    For Sale 2017 Fuso FG

    Is the Fuso Fg available? What kind mpg does it get? Thanks Aaron
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    6X6 Expedition RV--back on the market

    Is still available? thanks aaron
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    Unimog U1300L Expedition Camper for sale

    Is your U1300L still available and where is it located? I 'm very interested in it. thanks Aaron