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    Dirtbox Overland

    Found this: $650 for a grab handle, lol.
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    SnoMaster L96

    I was looking into this model till I found out they moved all production to China and also having a Chinese compressor. No thanks, especially for that price.
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    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    Ya it's already pin striped, I'm not too worried I don't care about the paint on my trucks.
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    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    It is, but it's also a really wide bed.
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    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    Oh 550lbs for a Tundra sized one, that's pretty hefty. I think then a big F150 Raptor sized would may be pushing 700lbs before I add all my other gear and passengers to my 1,300lb payload. I guess that's why Raptors aren't used my for overlanding.
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    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    Just a few questions for those that have one of these campers. I am deciding on a few things: 1. What is the benefits of the barn doors over a tail gate? 2. Is the extra bed space worth the more awkward look and more wind resistance of the vertical walls? 3. How well do the origami panels seal...
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    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    Now just make it into a hard-sided pop-up and I'll buy!
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    Help wanted - Overland Camper Build Direction

    Some more thoughts since my wife said we are still young, might as well do the hard-core off-roading now while we are still young and get the comfort later in life. I'm considering getting a 2024 Rubicon X and going with portal axles, 40" tires and a Hiatus hard-side camper. I'd like to be able...
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    Well kitted Econoline. no affiliation

    Ya there will be a huge market correction in 2024 as the economy keeps stumbling into more debt. Only people that are going to buy anything pricey are the wealthy, and they aren't buying 14 year old vans.
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    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    I wish someone would integrate the bed and the cab roof into one hard-side popup camper. I'd instantly buy a Gladiator then, even with the whimpy 3.6L being the only engine now. Although I did rear the Gladiator is getting the 4xE treatment in 2025, nice to have a large battery for camping.
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    Is this normal for a Rivian or was something going on with this one

    Rivian is not that good off road for a myriad of reasons; including electric motor stall at low speeds and no locked differentials.
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    2020 Tiger Bengal

    Except Earthcruiser pricing is on another planet. It's like three times the price of a Tiger Bengal build. I mean $600K for a used EC, what you get for $600K is laughable.
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    Help wanted - Overland Camper Build Direction

    Also looking into an E series van RV with U-joint off-road conversion. My worry though is basically any RV isn't put together well enough for any type of off-roading, even with a big soft lifted suspension. This one has caught my eye since it's fiberglass shell...
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    Help wanted - Overland Camper Build Direction

    Thanks for all the replies. Ya, I'm in a difficult spot having four dogs, a child and a wife. I think I will scratch off the off road trailer as that has a lot of negatives and you are basically always off working in the weather. Plus it's going to limit off-road capability enough that it will...
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    Help wanted - Overland Camper Build Direction

    I have a dilemma of finding the right "trail capability" and comfort compromise that my fiancé would like to join me regularly. Obviously the largest factor would be trail size and height for branches. I have a 23' F150 Raptor with 37" tires.. it's an amazing vehicle and so comfortable, but...
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    Gladiator - Good/Bad?

    I traded in my Gladiator Rubicon Diesel, I just don't trust it in remote locations anymore even after the fuel pump recall. They put so many "escape clauses" in that manual supplement, IMO they are expecting the fuel pumps to continue to fail. I could only imagine the tow bill being 50 miles...
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    SOLD! Explore Without Limits: 2014 EarthCruiser EXP For Sale

    Just to bring some realistic price expectations.. a fully loaded EXP in 2014 was only like $240K.. and it's ten years old with a ton of miles.
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    Megatron - New turnkey expedition vehicle from Supertramp, Elevation Off Grid (EOG) and Liquid Spring

    Even a low single digit millionaire can't even afford these half to mil dollar pickup campers. Toys for the very wealthy that can just buy them with ca$h. With current interest rates, this half mil truck would be over a million dollars over a 15 or 20 year RV loan.
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    Surprised no one is discussing the Cybertruck today.

    Cybertruck is such a scam. Tesla bypassing early reservation holders to see who will pony up an extra $20K ON TOP of a ~50% price increase on all models from reveal. Terrible ~320 mile range that will be like 250 miles in real life and 200 in winter. No spare tire. If you get a spare tire it...
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    Knockoff ARB (HF Air) air compressor

    Isn't the ARB twin compressor made in China anyways?