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    Do you actually use or need a pass thru window from camper to pickup?

    Friends were touring France years ago, they had stopped for the night in an aire. They were sleeping in the back when woken up by someone trying to break into the back door. They both got up quietly and one sneaked through to get into the drivers seat and away down the road. They would have...
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    Single burner propane stove that can handle full time on the road!

    Cadac Safari Chef is my favourite. All you need in one package.
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    How do you secure your trailer at home?

    Bye the way my trailer is behind the garden fence, has a hitchlock cover and a wheelclamp that covers the bolts. If someone wants it I will make it as difficult as possible.
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    How do you secure your trailer at home?

    I really don't get those Trimax type locks. What is to stop the thief just unbolting the wheel and putting the spare one on ?
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    How do you handle your high-mounted spare?

    I was going to suggest adapting an electric wheelchair car hoist. The arm swings out to lift the chair and stows away into the vehicle. But it looks like you are getting sorted out.
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    Ridiculous descriptions from sellers

    We have " for sell" here too. One I saw earlier today " outside shed" ..... Where else would you put it ? Oh I think I will stick it in the lounge room.
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    Bent aluminum tent pole

    I had some alloy boat sprayhood poles given to me and I wanted to use them to make a cover for my boat. I used a pipe bender to carefully straighten them out. Worked ok, just do very little at a time.
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    Tent advice

    If it’s any help I have a Howling Moon tent which is very similar to your Nomad Bow tent. Except mine has a ‘hat ‘ awning that covers the door which is helpful when it’s raining. It is absolutely bomb proof, quick to set up and has lots of ventilation options.
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    I am also in the UK , I have a Tilley twosome stove. It's tough and reliable and not to large to pack away in the trailer. Could not find a picture of mine so grabbed a couple off the net.
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    Best warm weather desert tent?

    I have a Howling Moon dome tent. Dark as a cave, mesh ‘windows ‘ with zip flaps over them. Also high level ventilation with mesh and overflaps.
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    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    Bike_Mech the usual belts for sewing machines are round leather ones. However I run a car v belt on mine at the moment as I couldn't get one in time to finish a job I was doing. No the belt is not supposed to slip at all. The adjustment is on the lever that goes from the footplate up to the...
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    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    Sailmaker here. Also make boat covers, mend horse rugs and do leather work. I have a Durcopp and a Singer industrial machines and a Jones and Singer domestic machines. I think you will find that seam tape will not stick to Ultrasil or any coated material like that.