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    Monteros on craigslist

    99 winter package but with a blown head gasket.
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    Monteros on craigslist

    1990 Mitsubishi Montero - $650 (Sherman Oaks)
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    Monteros on craigslist

    Looks like a cool little project 1987 Mitsubishi Montero - $2,500
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    98 Gen 2.5, where to get radiator

    Agree w/ the others to try and get your OEM radiator rebuilt. When I used to have a Montero, the aftermarket one that I used mounted the lower radiator hose too close to the pulley so it would rub when it got to normal temps. Had to rig something up to pull it away from the pulley. Something...
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    Monteros on craigslist

    Someone needs to take a look at this gen 2.5 winter package. Looks like it needs some work, but decent for the age. Would take a look, but Santa Barbara a bit too far for me. Prices for these are getting up there in worse condition. 1999 Mitsubishi Montero - $3,795 (Santa Barbara)...
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    Monteros on craigslist
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    L300 Delica on TheSmokingTire - Matt Farah

    I follow TheSmokingTire channel on youtube and thought how cool it is to see this clean and appreciated Delica example here in the states. Just wanted to share here in case anybody was interested as well.
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    Montero Gen 2.5 Key Fob Programming?

    Try these steps: OPEN the Driver’s door. INSERT the key into the Ignition and TURN to the ON position (just shy of cranking the engine) PRESS and HOLD the Programming/Override Button (located under the Driver’s side dashboard). Within 20 seconds the Vehicle will cycle the door locks and the...
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    Jalopnik Montero Article - Andrew Collins

    Ran into this article the other day and just made me miss my Montero a bit. Thought I would share in case it hasn't been covered here yet. Assuming the writer Andrew Collins is on here?
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    Heater Core replacement

    I listed the parts in the thread below when I used to have a Montero and I believe its 5/8.
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    Monteros on craigslist

    2001 Mitsubishi Montero Limited - $2000 (Lakewood) 2006 Mitsubishi Montero Limited - $2300
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    Gen 2.5 Transmission funky only when cold

    Any idea what the previous fluid was in there? Maybe it was a non sp3 ATF? Try a drain and fill x3 if funds permit.
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    FSM update

    Yea you can search for those. I would say its 95% accurate.
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    FSM update

    This is a great idea. I converted my FSM PDFs to make texts searchable with Adobe Pro (when I had it). Due to the quality of the scans not 100% of the texts were searchable, but does its job.
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    Need Help Gen 3 Steering Rack

    That does look possible. :unsure:
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    The Story of Rocky (1999 2.5)

    Congrats looks like a pretty clean car! A lot of info on this forum on what to replace when doing the spark plugs and timing belt, but here are some quick notes off the top of my head. -Timing belt tensioner should use OEM as recommended by the Montero gurus here. Aftermarket ones have been...
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    Free Stuff from Cleaning Out Storage

    Still have these will probably be going in the trash soon.
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    Gen 2.5 FSM: Grounding Locations, Help Needed, #12

    Page 70-4 shows that #12 should be in the trunk area. Maybe by the passenger taillight?
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    Wanted: gen 3, 2003+ Montero, <$8500

    Yea and the location is a bit of a drive from the airports around here. Not sure if it matters, but I just noticed that it's the same car as one of the links normal_dave posted so they are a dealer.
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    Wanted: gen 3, 2003+ Montero, <$8500

    Here's one in So Cal: