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    How can I make my pop up more sturdy?

    Some guide lines or anchors would help.
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    Aluminum Framed Trailer vs Wood

    Wood by itself is not a problem. Think of all the boats out there with wood frames (stringers). Cheap wood is the problem. Good wood will maintain it strength for years even when its completely saturated and encapsulated in fiberglass. I would not write off a model on account of wood being used...
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    Intech RV

    That Intech discovery with double pop-outs was sweet. Why did they stop making it? It's the only one of their models I like.
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    Looking for new off road camper trailer

    Livinlite makes an aluminum travel trailer with 12ft box among others. Not really an offroad camper, but you can modify it. For sand you just need a little more ground clearance. Maybe they will let you option it out with more clearance similar to their jeep/rock climber pop up.
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    Pop up trailer on truck bed question.

    That dodge is sweet. A livinlite "jeep" pop up would probably be easier to use and certainly better built. A softtopper would be better than your truck bed tent. You can make a bed platform that sits up level with the wheel wells with storage drawers underneath or maybe do a bed platform on...
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    Pop up trailer on truck bed question.

    A capri camper might be a good option for you as they are available in a bare bones option or optioned out. Used they are pretty cheap too. Couple of used ones floating around on dallas craigslist
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    Pop up trailer on truck bed question.

    +1 on the trailer, seems to work well. The popup is going to be too heavy for a F150 and too wide for a 5.5ft bed as most are the width of the truck.....about 8ft wide +/-. Weight is going to be around 1,500-2,000lbs for a smaller one. I assume your wanting to offroad......most pop ups are built...
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    Pop up screen tent

    I have a Kodiak screenhouse 10x14; springbar use to make one very similar. For me the screen house was primarily for bad weather such that in the event we had high winds or lots of rain we could use the screen house to cook in, eat, store stuff, and just hang out. I wanted something that could...
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    Short bed, long hard-shell RTT

    Curious why you made the decision to go with a RTT vs a truck bed topper?
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    Introduction and stock rig trip advice

    I would also advise against a designated overland vehicle. One thing I found out quick when I bought a used Quigley 4x4 van was that the annual cost of repairs and maintenance was enough to go on a nice beach vacation every year or half a dozen camping trips. I thought it would be great for...
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    2016 Regular Cab Silverado 4X4

    Sweet build, about the most work I've seen on a newer chevy. Pretty good wheeling for just a 2inch level kit and what an extra 1-2in over stock tires. I've got an 18 Chevy crew cab and.will probably get the BDS level kit....any complaints so far?
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    Introduction and stock rig trip advice

    +1 on ground tent for starters or even the back of a truck can work well too. For the price of an RTT you can get a decent pop up camper.
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    FS: 2016 Chevy Colorado 4x4, 4 cylinder 2.8 L Duramax

    Cab is a bit short on height for a dirt bike I would think.
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    Suburban 2500 4x2- lockers?

    I had a 2002 3/4 ton chevy Quigley van that came with a rear locker, probably had the same drivetrain.
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    Anyone built their own Living space box that replaced the truck bed?
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    For the Chevy fans

    Sweet, thanks for sharing. Who makes it? What model?
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    Stoked about the new Gofast camper

    Awesome product, thanks for bringing it to the market. The design is impressive and the pricing is very reasonable considering cost of campers and RTT's. My only concern is that the translucent roof may not hold up well in a hail storm, but I've never seen one up close to gauge it's strength. Is...
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    Kimberly financial restructure ?

    Divorce tactic my a**, if you can't pay your employees you are in the crapper plain and simple.