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    OVRLND Tacoma 5’ Bed (Hollister, CA) $8k

    Hollister, CA for $8k Not mine but found this ad on Facebook marketplace.
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    Carbon Fiber Leentu Camper Summer price drop
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    Wanted Four Wheel Camper Hawk - Update Camper found! ?

    A good resource is FWC’s sponsored used camper group here.
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    Ad already deleted - FWC Fleet HT (hard-sided, PNW)

    First I’ve seen:
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    2020 fwc swift + ‘17 tacoma w/5sp

    No affiliation.
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    4x4 Scotty Highlander

    No affiliation. First one I’ve seen.
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    1963 Unimog on Craigslist

    not affiliated. Just appreciate a vehicle that appears to be well taken care off.
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    2002 Dodge with 2003 FWC Grandby $23.5k

    Not affiliated.
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    Jeep Rubicon Earthroamer

    Sold per owner (7/14/2021) - A post on Hemings. A few odd things in this situation like an ad that says go research the vehicle, 4k miles/long term storage, and the photos with spare electrical connectors on the carpet and blue masking tape on the lights. What are your thoughts...
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    M49 size roof top tent $600!!!! Socal. Orange county!

    Is the tent Adventure Series?
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    Sold. Alien base for hilift jack

    Cost to ship to 94526?
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    Roof Top Tent SF Bay Area

    PMs sent PMs sent.
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    Roof Top Tent SF Bay Area

    SOLD Rooftop tent used seven times. Extras purchased for tent: *changing room *upgraded heavy duty cover *ladder extension for trucks with a lift $750 (new shipped is $1,095) local pick up since it is $200-300 to ship it. comparison with Eaziawn...