‘03 Quigley 4x4 Ford E350: $20,000 OBO - Sold


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Overland ready. Relatively light with a Triton V10 (~185k miles), compared to a heavy diesel; and it is the short body model - making it nimble compared to the long body. It is versatile, ready to tow, use as a cargo van, or a camper. 10k Warn winch with Warn poly line. I built an expandable platform inside, which converts the interior cargo bay into a platform suitable for hauling 4x8 sheet goods, or a queen sized mattress. Under the platform, there are storage compartments for gear. The 14’ awning provides great shade, and the 6 gallon pvc tank saves carrying another jerry can. The engine, four-speed auto, and the rest of the running gear are solid. New BorgWarner transfer case 2018. New brakes 6/23. Swivel passenger seat. Quigley skid plate protects the trx case. One set of rear pop-out windows included (need to install). I am including a heavy-duty swing-out cargo rack that opens away to the pax side, allowing access to the rear doors. Including recovery gear: 48” HiLift Jack w/ accessories, exhaust lift bag, snatch strap, pulleys, chains. Tire chains x4 included. Sound system. Two new spares included, along with front spare mount. Body and interior aren’t the prettiest around, but neither am I. Do you really want to spend over $100k for something that you only use a few weekends a year? I will respond to serious inquiries as soon as I can. Located and for sale locally in Flagstaff, AZ. Local inspection/pickup only. More pics on my local Craigslist ad here: https://flagstaff.craigslist.org/cto/d/flagstaff-03-quigley-e350-4x4/7650657616.html . PM me with any questions. Thanks!


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