12.1 Liter 2-stroke diesel powered 8x8 - Oshkosh MK48 LVS Dragon Wagon


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This 1986 Oshkosh Mk48 LVS Dragon Wagon is an eight-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle that was mechanically reconditioned at USMC Logistics Base Albany in 2010. The rebuild was undertaken when the truck was essentially new and had just 34 miles, and it included installing a new turbocharged 12.1-liter Detroit Diesel 8V92TA 2-stroke diesel engine and a full repaint, as well as the addition of ABS and other safety features. This example has been driven approximately 3,300 miles since, including a 1,000 mile trip from Seattle to Salt Lake City. This MK48 is now being offered by the selling dealer with clean Georgia titles for on road use for both the front and rear body units.


The truck was fully repainted in 2010, and new 53″ tires were fitted to all nine wheels at that time. The rear body unit (RBU) is a 2010-build MK14 articulated flatbed with a 20′ load surface. All eight wheels are driven, and the steering is handled by the front four wheels and the articulated chassis.


A similar truck, also built by Oshkosh, is in use by the US Army. The MK48 is configurable and the forward power section can be coupled with a number of different rear sections built for the model. The US Army’s HEMTT is similar, but lacks the LVS’s ability to pair different RBUs with the front power unit.


The bed is set up for ISO containers, and the RBU has a payload capacity of 20k pounds on-road or 12k pounds off-road. Towing capacity is said to be 100k pounds.


The seating surfaces were replaced during the overhaul. The cabin includes seating for two, with a wide central tunnel taking up most of the cabin space. A window is mounted low in the driver’s footwell for improved visibility in challenging terrain. The transmission is a conventional automatic sending power to all eight wheels. A large lever above the shifter controls the trailer brakes. All interior features are said to work correctly.


Just over 3,300 miles are shown on the odometer, and 127 hours are shown on the Hobbs meter. All but 34 of the miles were covered after the 2010 rebuild. 1,000 miles were added soon after the seller’s purchase when the truck was driven without issue from Seattle to Salt Lake City.


Power comes from a turbocharged 12.1-liter Detroit Diesel 8V92TA 2-stroke diesel engine which was replaced during the 2010 rebuild. Rated output is approximately 450 horsepower and 1,250 lb-ft of torque. The truck had not been used since 1986 and was reportedly rebuilt in order to incorporate numerous updates, including the addition of ABS and other safety features. A Jake Brake, or engine brake system, is also fitted. The last mechanical service was an oil and filter change within the last 100 miles.


The transmission is an Allison HT740D with 4 forward gears and one reverse. The transfer case is a 2-speed Oshkosh DA100. All of the differentials can be locked via a set of cabin-mounted controls.


Numerous photos are provided of the underside in the gallery (see link below), including images of the frame, axles, and driveshafts. The selling dealer has a relationship with a shipper capable of dealing with large vehicles like this, and can assist the buyer in setting up shipping to their location.



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