1968 Chevy K10 SWB Overlander


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I have an update brewing--the ol' K10 should be ready for some pictures by this weekend. It's still in the shop just wrapping up loose ends. Stay tuned...

We are all looking forward to seeing what you have got going on.... Cheers, Chilli...:wings:


He didn't say which weekend. Just kidding, would love to see what you got cooking with the k10.


Indeed! Waiting patiently!!


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Thanks guys for all the nice comments and encouragement! It's fun having a group of people that share the same interests and passions.

Here are a couple small updates to make the truck a little more functional for my needs. First, I changed the rear diff cover. My old one was bent due to a rock I scraped. No matter what I did, I couldn't bend it back to where it wouldn't leak anymore. So I bit the bullet and bought a new diff cover from Jeg's. Man was it hard to find a heavy duty cover for this Corporate 12 Bolt! It's an LPW Ultimate 12 cover. So far I'm really pleased, although I am having a small issue with a very minor leak from the drain plugs. I might need to find gaskets for those bolts? It didn't come with them, but I may try to find some.

I like the look of the the new diff cover amidst the old iron:

I capped off the bumper with some spring plungers to hold the bumper swing-out arms open. I had to do this ASAP because it was driving me crazy having to hold the arms out while I dropped the tailgate. I welded some pipe couplers to the swing-out arms which the plunger slides in to.

Here it is on a tree job...being able to lock the arms out is so vital, especially when on an incline like this one. I was grinning from ear to ear when I drove in and out of this wooded ravine in my truck. In granny gear, this thing just crawls over and through and up just about anything, even with a full load of green ash logs.

I like the look of this Snek. Anything new going on?:wings:


Sorry for the longer-than-expected wait. I've had a couple setbacks. First, I ordered some parts and most of them were for K series, but some of them were C series parts. I didn't realize it till things weren't working as they should. So it's been a cluster sending things back and getting things shipped back to me. Second, I've been swamped with school/family. I'm doing my best to get the truck wrapped up before spring weather gets here and all the salt is off the roads.


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Man this thread has everything I like! Cool trucks, Husky saws, and lots of people that went to Tech :friday:

Keep driving this beauty, I love old working trucks. I became enamored with good old stockers in Alaska and vow to one day own a nice 60's Ford or Chevy.

Have Fun!



Sorry for the delay...this upgrade has been fairly simple, but it had its hiccups along the way. BUT the good news is that I was able to trade labor for labor on this job. I did a tree removal for my mechanic and he did the majority of the labor on this upgrade. I was able to learn a lot along the way.

The first thing I had to do for this mod was to get the necessary brackets since the 1968 K10 was not designed with power steering. I had to get a power steering pump bracket and a gear box bracket. The pump bracket came from a company in Madison, WI called Davis Speed Company. It was an awesome company to work with. Their products are bolt-on ready. Here's a pic of the pump bracket on an engine not in the bay:


The second bracket I got from Captain Fab on the 67-72 forum. He also made my bracket for my power brakes. This second bracket was made to mount the gear box to the frame. After those "specialty" parts were received, I started collecting the other, more-generic parts:power steering gear box (for a '78), Power steering pump (for a '78), Rag joint, Pitman arm (for a '78), Hoses, Double grooved pulley, and a Draglink between pitman arm and steering arm on the differential. Just as a reminder, I got parts for a '78 K10 because my front axle is from a '78.

Below is a picture of the pump mounted up. Refer to the picture above to get a better perspective. It was super difficult getting a picture once it was in the engine bay all bolted up and attached.


And a look at the bracket attached to the block:


The new '78 gear box:


Oddly enough, the pitman arm is was gave me the most grief, but mostly because they shipped me a C-series on instead of a K-series one. I got this one from Jeg's. So far, so good.


And voila! I have power steering! I honestly don't know how I went so long without it. Feels like a different truck. I'm having to re-train myself on the steering a little bit. I find myself over-steering because I was so used to driving the truck without any assist.

I'll try to get some more pics when I get the truck up and about more. I am going to get the steering aligned this week because I wasn't able to when the P/S was installed. I also just received an awesome new camp stove for my birthday. I'm pretty stoked about it...I'll get pics up of that when I get the truck out.


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Nice job on the PS. Me and buddy did it to his 1968 C10 back in 1989 and like you said, what a world of difference. His was much easier as his truck was a small block, so we were able to find the parts easy. Even found/installed a factory tilt column at the same time.


Nice job on the PS. Me and buddy did it to his 1968 C10 back in 1989 and like you said, what a world of difference. His was much easier as his truck was a small block, so we were able to find the parts easy. Even found/installed a factory tilt column at the same time.

Thanks, Jack. It has definitely made the truck more enjoyable to drive! I'm hoping that was the last "major" modification for modernizing the truck.


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