1983 W460 (G Wagon) Restomod For Sale - $75,000 (Ambulance Doors - 6 Seater)


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Photo Credits: Colten Stephens

The Facts:

Location: Heber, UT, USA
Price: $75,000
Year: 1983
VIN: 46033317022841
Fuel: Diesel
Engine: OM606 (6 cyl turbo diesel, transplant)
Trans: 5-Speed Manual, 2 Speed 4x4 Transfer Case, front and rear locking differentials (no center locking diff (463s only))
Title: Utah, clean
Mileage: TMU ~60,518 KM currently on the odometer

The Story:
This is as fully mechanical as it can be. To go all the way, you'd have to replace the lights and heater with candles and torches. It's extremely utilitarian, not the Hollywood/National @^%$ball League/Association one you get new from the dealer or the greasy high-end used car flipper. It is not museum material either. If you're afraid of paint and cloth imperfections, you'll find them, it's not factory correct. Like most G's, you have to slam the doors hard and it lets you know it's not messing around, this one is no exception.

I acquired this back in 2017 from Johan Saris. He was great to work with. The original listing can be found here. The paint finishes were impressive and have since developed some defects as I assume others currently on the market have or will have soon enough. We reworked the intake and turbo connections to ensure we wouldn't have any issues, adding t-bolt clamps, replacing some hoses, and the air filter assembly with a military one made by Donaldson. Later we added rear jump seats and had the second row of captain's chairs lowered with a storage area across the floor so that adults wouldn't hit their heads on the ceiling with the factory height. We also put a Rhino Liner/Linex liner in black on the entire interior floor while we were at it. These seating modifications, custom rear bumper, suspension installation, and modifications (trimming and recoating body mounts) were performed by Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers. Later we removed the ladder and tire wheel combo to replace them with what you see in the photos along with installing additional driving and working lights.

Since I've purchased the vehicle, it has spent most of its time in the garage. As you might imagine, it lacks many of the creature comforts of modern vehicles, so for my 1.5 hr daily commute, it's not my go-to. I took on a few too many projects at the same time and so this one has been drawn out and underutilized. I've also bought two newer G wagons since purchasing this one, sold one, and built and daily drive the other. All of that being said, it is time to move on. While this one has its place as the family's favorite trail rig, we need to do some home remodeling more than we need this G in the garage. We've enjoyed the many times we've taken it up camping on the local trails and a few trips to Moab.





On the trail, it is very comfortable and capable. I believe that the suspension is dialed in for trails and country roads. It will run with the tractor trailers on the freeway and pass the majority of them, though it requires practice and attention to do so in the mountainous canyons. I haven't driven it in the snow/winter so it's been preserved from the salty Utah, car-destroying winters. I would be confident to drive it across the country if needed as it sits. I drove it daily for a few weeks and it's done just fine on longer journeys such as Salt Lake to Moab and back. I would not expect or take it to a normal Mercedes dealer as they won't likely work on it, but most local independent Mercedes shops will.

- OM606 Turbo Diesel and 5-speed manual transmission out of a 90's Mercedes sedan with approximately 60k KM on it.
- Mechanical Injection
- 2-speed transfer case (RWD, 4x4 high, 4x4 Low (not locking)
- Front and rear hydraulically locking differentials (recently serviced)

Suspension and Wheels/Tires:
- Old Man Emu Heavy Duty Springs front and rear
- Bilstein B8 5160 shocks
- Panhard rod replaced to compensate for lift. I have caster correction bushings available but have found them necessary.
- BFG All Terrain 285/75/17 KO2
- Custom Raceline 17" Beadlock wheels
- Stainless Braided Brake lines

Protection and Accessories:
- Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers custom dual swing rear bumper for full-size spare and three jerry cans or small cooler. You can also mount a high lift to the inside of the tire carrier if you wish.
- Front Runner roof rack with table slide/holder. Custom weatherproof pad for sleeping, climbing crash pad, it even floats for hours with the kiddos sitting on it. I keep a backpacking 2 pole tent that sets up quickly and matches the racks footprint.
- Hella lighting that is era correct. Sure there are cool, better-performing LED options, but they don't seem quite right. (4) over the roof, mix of flood and spot. (2) Amber fog lights on the bumper. (2) Hella flood work lights on the sides of the roof rack.
- ARB twin air compressor mounted under the driver's seat with a pressure regulator. (2) 1/4" ARB female air chucks fitted at each bumper for fast/easy filling.

The "Not So Great"
- Vehicle is registered in a county where emissions aren't required. The buyer assumes full responsibility for emissions readiness in your area.
- Since the engine/trans is a transplant, it is difficult to calibrate the thermostat to the gauge cluster. I am currently running it without the thermostat, which works well. I also have the parts to reinstall the thermostat if requested.
- Paint overall is what I would consider great condition, with a few exceptions. There is some cracking as follows: insides of door jams, around rear passenger door handles, one spot above the A pillar. Photos/details available upon request.
- Air Conditioner is functional, but since it is aftermarket, it is not what you would hope for or what you'd find if it were original equipment.

Seriously Interested?
- I'm a believer in putting yourself in the driver's seat. I'm open to scheduling test drives. DM me and we can work something out. I will likely ask for a non-refundable deposit to secure it while you make arrangements to come and see for yourself. Otherwise, you are welcome to make travel arrangements to come and see it, but it will still be for sale. If it’s not what I said it was, I’ll give you your deposit back and help pay to get you back home.
- This is a personal vehicle in my name. I run multiple dealerships for my day job, so I can facilitate trade-ins, wires, checks, etc. If I sense you're working to defraud me, I will simply ignore and or report you.
- If you want to check out some of the vehicles I've built and sold previously see: FJ Cruiser | Land Cruiser 200 Series | Excursion . You are also welcome to reach out to the buyers and get feedback on their experience as well.

More photos to come.


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Der Chef der Fahrzeuge
Makes me miss my rust-free W460 with ambo doors(feature in signature).
I always dreamt of an OM606A swap (are you running a 603A mech injection pump)?


Makes me miss my rust-free W460 with ambo doors(feature in signature).
I always dreamt of an OM606A swap (are you running a 603A mech injection pump)?

It has a mechanical pump, I will have to find out which one specifically.

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