1985 Toyota HDJ75 LandCruiser Turbo Diesel Troopy $50K+


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1985 HDJ75 LandCruiser Turbo Diesel Troopy for Sale
Meticulously maintained RHD HDJ 75 that had a complete frame off restoration done in 2017. Licensed and registered in the USA with clear title. She cruises comfortably at 70 plus mph and gets between 17 – 19 mpg. This is the epitome of Toyota Landcruiser reliability.
When she was restored, we swapped out the OEM normally aspirated 12H diesel engine with a low miles 12H-T turbo diesel engine from Japan – it’s basically a direct bolt in and then is converted to 12VDC from 24VDC. The 12H-T is considered one of the most reliable diesel engines ever produced and was offered for a few years in the 60 series luxury LandCruisers in Japan. We upgraded the OEM turbo and added a bigger 3” stainless steel exhaust. This car is uncommonly fast as well as fuel efficient and will run away from the current LandCruisers with the normally aspirated 1HZ 4.2-liter diesel engine.
We have used this vehicle for our business since it was completely restored in 2017. She has done very little off high way driving. We used her for long trips all across the US and Canada traveling to the various locations where we train our clients. We’re only selling her because we were lucky enough to acquire a 2023 79 Series four door pickup with the turbo V8 diesel and this is now going to be used for our business. We’re looking for a good home for our beloved Troopy.
This car is truly a unique vehicle that’s comfortable for long road trips as well as overlanding on dirt roads. It’s basically a one-ton capacity SUV that’s designed to carry a ton off-road. Look no further if you’re wanting to build a reliable overlanding vehicle. This Toyota LandCruiser platform is one of the most reliable and has proven itself all over the world in various environments for more than 35 years.
Engine: 12H-T 4.0 liter inline six-cylinder turbo diesel.
Turbo: Upgraded C26 Full Billet HighFlow GMT Turbocharger set to 18 PSI
Exhaust: Upgraded 3” Stainless Steel
Alternator: Upgraded 120 Amp Baxter alternator
Gauges: Boost, EGT (pre-turbo), auxiliary fuel tank, plus all OEM gauges.
Transmission: H55 5 speed manual. New with new clutch assembly, pilot bearing, release bearing all less than 15,000 miles ago.
Transfer Case: OEM Part time vacuum operated with upgraded mechanical switch (instead of OEM electric solenoids). Rebuilt in 2018
Rear Locker: Selectable ARB with on board ARB compressor
Front Locker: Selectable Electric Eaton locker
Lift: OME 50 mm lift with Bilstein shocks
Wheels: Mickey Thompson: Classic III, Aluminum, Polished, 16 in. x 8.0 in
Tires: 285/75R16
Auxiliary tank: 20 gallons with transfer switch
Auxiliary Battery: Optima Red Top - mechanically connected with SMH / Anderson connectors.
Bed Slide: Highway Products 2000 lb. capacity, 80” long and 38” wide situated between the wheel wells up to the rear of the Corbeau front seats.
Storage: On either side of the bed slide, both in front of and behind the wheel wells, there are a total of four military ammunition boxes bolted to the floor. Each box is approximately 18” long x 9” wide x 15” deep. One of these boxes contains the auxiliary battery.
Winch: Rebuilt Warn 8274 with 6HP motor upgrade and Albright solenoid. Fitted with Safe-Xtract 7/16” x 60’ synthetic winch line MTS 21,000 lbs.
Front Bumper: Custom fabricated from 3CR12 material includes winch mount and integrated recovery points and 2” receiver.
Rear Bumper: Custom fabricated from 3CR12 and 300 series stainless steel and includes swing out spare tire rack on driver side, swing out storage for Hi-Lift Jack, MaxTrax, PulPall, spade and axe on passenger side. Includes 2” receiver and multiple integrated recovery points.
Notes: Auxiliary vacuum pump (improves braking at lower rpms), multiple USB charge points, LED headlights, inverter, trickle charger, etc.
Price: Negotiable (upper $50k’s as is - needs new windscreen and new tires)
Contact: For more information please contact Chris Cole, (440) 823-8532 chris@safe-extract.com



FYI, that is NOT a HDJ75, it is a HJ75 (originally or on title as you will see). Since 70 series never came with 12HTs, only the 60 series did, they had the HJ61 designation for 12HT motors. 12HT motors' parts are hard to source if I'm not mistaken.
The HDJ designation is for 1HD-T motor variants.

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