1989 4wd Hino Ranger motor home.


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I've just joined this group and this is my first post. I was wondering if there were any other owners of these vehicles out there that I can correspond with, re wheels etc.
They were built in Caboolture, Qld and fitted out by Trakka. Our vehicle has been a mobile home since new. Thanks.


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Hi Gerry I own a Hino Ranger, 1992 FT Crew Cab model here in the USA. It has the H07D straight six N/A diesel engine and a 5 speed tranny. It was imported by a JDM dealer and it was too much truck for them to sell so I bought it and had it trucked out to Utah where I live. It was a Morita Fire Truck and has what looks maybe like the same wheel config (8 lug, 275mm pattern, 7.5 x 20 wheels I think). I've been searching around like you for more info on wheels etc. Need a more modern fit, maybe even super singles. I will be removing my wheels and doing detailed measurements. The closest thing I can find domestically with this pattern is the Chevy/GMC Kodiak/Topkick but I can't verify as I haven't pulled the main center hub hole measurement. I'll be taking off all of the fire stuff and mounting a flatbed and probably a flatbed camper of some sort. Best of luck I'l starft a build thread soon (I've been saying that for a while though). Your truck look amazing! Can you post more pics? I think we will see more Hino truck action in the USA as Mitsubishi just discontinued their Fuso line in the USA and Hino is doing some massive investment in the market again. I'll post a few pics of my truck when I get back in front of the computer.


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We drove Hino medium duty's at work. I drove mine in stop and go traffic for 240K. It hauled heavy loads and I never let the intercooler cool down. That was the most reliable vehicle I've ever driven. That was 11 years ago when I retired. 4cylinder w/Allison non-electronic auto. Work still has it. it must have 350K on it now. I'd buy anything Hino.


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Here she is. Lots of work to do. The back body has welded mounts. Ack! Had it shipped from Virginia to Utah. They shipped it from Japan. Gonna take the body off, blast the frame and paint it and mount a flatbed deck. Has a huge sandwich style PTO that I don't know what to do with. Runs the pump.


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Reviving an old thread since I almost bought the same truck as DirtW (1996 version) from a JDM auction (DirtW. I sent you a PM). I've been looking at Fuso Canter (Doka) but I'm afraid the frame length behind the cab might be on the short side so I started looking at the Hino...

Any updates from Ranger's owners?


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