1992 troopcarrier


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Yes, there is a two section 80% / 20% folding system. you can have 80% up or 100% up and walk around the whole rig, or you can have 80% down jump up top and sleep on the 80% percent or bring the other 20 % down when you are up top and have the whole 100% to sleep on. I'm 5'11 and can sleep with 80% percent down just fine.

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I will have to respectfully disagree with you that just because it does not have lockers, it means is just cruising to the mall. I have taken this rig across country many times, have explored awesome areas, have gone down some awesome trails, sure I have gone to the mall but is because its actually been my DD as well. I have never felt the need for lockers.
I'm afraid to go to the mall without lockers, so all of our mall crawlers are equipped, even the wife's, LOL! Love the truck and I agree. When I was young no one had them. I wish I was in the income/lifestyle range to own one like this!!


Between 1969 and 89 I had a FJ40 (did the Rubicon solo with Perkins diesel conversion and SM420), then a FJ45 and the BJ40. All with open diffs. But I got stuck quite a few times. When I did the locker thing on the BJ, and my F350 with poptop, self extrication became much easier. I can’t imagine getting through bad situations in my 12 ton Unimog camper without lockers and a couple of other features. And I don’t regard trips to other continents as opportunities to try and get stuck. But it can happen off highway. Not the least when you’re looking for a safe quiet place to camp for the night.
The vehicle for sale is cosmetically really nice, but does have a few miles. Probably sourced from Australia; lockers were and are a common factory option on Oz 75s. It’s gotta be ~$4k+ to buy and install 2 lockers these days. Enough so I’m recycling a Detroit and ARB from a defunct BJ60 to my “new” OJ50. And I’m not poor by most measures.
I wish I was Rich like u Charlie! ?


1992 Troopcarrier

210k miles
Alucab top
Engel Fridge
Espar Diesel heater
Dual factory fuel tanks
200W solar
Dual batteries
Warn winch
ARB bumper
Rear single swing out
Jolca Hot shower system
Gullwing side window
Zero Rust
Original paint

Cleanest Troopy I have seen in the States. Its been my rig for 5 years now since I imported it myself. zero issues. Will come with fresh fluids, water pump, timing belt ready to go anywhere.

Asking 79k OBO Located in Bend OR

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Could I come look at the rig early next week? Been looking at Troopys a while. I'll PM you.

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