1997 Pierce Saber 4X4 / AWD Fire Truck pumper


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1997 Pierce Saber 4x4 pumper Fire Truck AWD with 1250/750/foam. Detroit series 40 with 330 hp. mechanical fuel injection Bosch pump. Alison 3060R automatic transmission with retarder. 2000 rpm at 60 mph with Air actuated 4WD transfer case and everything is in great shape, hydraulic ladder rack and tilting cab. Seating for 5 with front air ride seats, all lights and sirens and air horns and air brakes are working perfectly, roof A/C is blowing cold. Truck is about 29' bumper to bumper and just a little under 10' tall. 1250 gpm pump passed pump test in July 2022, 750 gallon water tank and a Husky spray foam system also, in service until recently. A little over 117,000 miles and going up, driving it occasionally until it sells. Was going to make an expedition RV out of it but plans have changed, Bright Orange with a reflective Blue stripe, looks like it has led a charmed life in a heated garage it's whole life would make a great start to an awesome expedition 4X4. Located 60 miles east of Portland, Oregon. $30,000 FiveZeroThree-801-eightyoneeightyfour


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Nice engine. You'd likely find a small rural FD would buy this if you advertised it on Ebay or one of the used fire apparatus sites.
I believe this engine originally served with the Springfield (OR) FD...


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Nice engine. You'd likely find a small rural FD would buy this if you advertised it on Ebay or one of the used fire apparatus sites.
I believe this engine originally served with the Springfield (OR) FD...
And there is a good chance if all the fire apparatus is still present and functional you'd get more than $30k too by selling it to a fire department. I work on fire departments trucks for my job and have been surprised by how much they will spend on used trucks, until I find out how much a new one is.


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I think Pierce is quoting an 18 month delivery time these days. Likely the other builders are about the same...


And if there anything like our new shuttle buses we got a couple years ago it will take 3 to 6 months to sort out all the issues and bugs before it can be put in service.


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Good morning, I asked the guy when I picked up the Saber and he said the 2022 Pierce pumper that replaced it was a whopping $672,000, and that they waited almost 2 years for it and the replacement is only RWD. I believe it was engine # 14, station 5 for the city of Sprinfield, Oregon.


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Yeah, no surprise. A Type 3 (International 7400 or Freightliner 4x4 chassis), combo brush and structure engine, is now well over $500K. Just saw some quotes from Becker on one.
My thought is, for that kind of money, a department could do A LOT of rebuilding...

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