1st gen 4runner replacement leaf springs


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Does anyone have any information or pictures of what leaf springs they have use to replace their stock 1st gen 4runner leaf springs. Also does anyone have any information /pictures of what NWOR (North West Off Road) part # N73250-4R leaf springs look like or how they are. Any input on what brands that anyone has used would be great. Little bit of info. the rear sprigs will be for an 1987 4runner with a 22re. Not looking for a huge lift or anything, just a nice replacement spring. Tire size will more than likely be 235/85/R16.


i have 2" OME on the back of my '85, with 255-85's. they work well and hold the swing-out bumper. big improvement over stock.


not at all. this is a pic from when I was building my rear bumper but I think it shows a good close-up


here's an overall shot, weekends worth of camping gear and the trailer. trailer isn't very heavy though.


and FWIW I have OME on both axle's OP just asked about the rear.

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Stock springs with stock front coils out of a Jeep Rubicon set up as helpers. Springs were free take offs. 33x12.50's no lift on the front. Been on the truck 3+ years not a single problem.




Make sure that whatever route or brand you buy, they are designed for carrying weight. Many of the mfr's out there have designed their springs for crawling since most of these vehicles are being used for that. My 84 had Downey springs on it all the way around with longer shackles, but they eventually gave out. The rear gave out first, so I replaced them with 4" all pro springs that I bought from a friend. At first, the truck was very high in the rear, but it eventually settled. The front started giving out and one of the springs became inverted. I replaced them with Trail Gear 4" springs and the front is a bit higher than the rear, but wearing in.

OME seems like a good choice.


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I have a set of OME cs009r rear leafs waiting to go in my '87 and have heard nothing but good things. I am also going to be running 235/85/r16's. I will throw some pictures up once installed.


So a question, to help us better answer your question.

What is your direction you plan on taking the truck? street, dirt roads, camping gear/load carrying, ultra-low bad-*** rockcrawler with 42" tires and a 2" lift?

what have you done to the front already? Lift, crank torsions?

Do you want it level? Raked up in rear?

Post up a pic of current status? why are you changing the rears out?

OME makes a great spring and lots of people like them, marlin, allpro, an add-a-leaf will return your rear to level, lots of other options too. You should search around some of the toyota forums to get an idea of what people are doing. yotatech, marlin, ttora, etc..

87 runners rule ;)


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Not looking for a lift at all, that's why i'm steering clear of the ome, not because there a bad product or anything just lifts the runner to high. As for what the runner will be used for, weekend camping trips, back country explore/adventure rig. Basically a wannabee expedition/overland truck. I'm only going to run a 235/85R16 all terrain, which is about 32"x9.25"R16. Just wanting a reliable back county exploring rig, and i was wondering if anyone has pictures of what a 1st gen 4runner looks like with North West Off Road springs under it. Thanks for all the reply's from everyone though so far.

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