2001 Minnie Winnie 7.3 Diesel 4x4 RV $33,500


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Looks like a decent setup. Not trading my Tiger for it though. I feel this seller has priced it reasonable which is rare this day and age.



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Obviously for beaches and ski resorts not the trail Good point this probably could tow 8k in the rockies.

I have a dream of doing Colorado lake hopping in vintage starcraft boat one summer and hitting every boat-able reservoir in the state. Would be a great rig for that but my Tiger will also work :)


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Any idea what this might have cost pre covid? Trying to convince the wife and myself it is good deal.

For a production RV that is 4x4, it checks off a lot of boxes for what I would use it for, and is ok on the wallet short term. Going to the ski resorts one day, then taking our dogs cross country skiing the next, down rough forest service roads and fields to go upland hunting or retriever training, launching a boat to go duck hunting. Let me know if I am crazy. I used my in-laws sprinter based 24ish ft RV this summer and it was a good size for us and the dogs. It just didn't have the ground clearance we wanted to drive it onto the fields. Plus it wasn't ours.

I would love to build my dream rig off a new e350 with a total composites box and UJOR 4x4 with front and read lockers, but I am estimating that would be at least $150k and take me two years. I don't have the money or time for that. This I could upgrade to composting toilet, heat and insulate the water system, and add lithium, solar and mini split AC as I can afford it.
Anyone know how these Minnie Winnie RVs are in winter conditions? It doesnt look like they are very insulated and coming from Florida I can imagine it isnt set up with a cold weather package. I have the same idea of taking it to the snow but dont want to end up frozen.


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I think most 4x4 Rv's in the 2000s range were listing on Craigslist for around $40k+ during covid but most are in the west, not Florida. Also most the ones I seen were v10s very rare for a powerstroke. This one is a good price I shopped heavily for over two years to get our Tiger in March, which I landed with wanted ad on the Tiger forum I had a seller contact me for an off-market buy $33k. I seen a 4x4 van like a Chinook Concourse (can't remember the brand name but a smaller long time manufacturer) with the powerstroke on the west coast sell overnight for $45k.

As for build quality i think for production RVs Winnebago is a safe bet. The winter quality is probably what you can expect from most production RVs. I have a feeling it's better built than my Provan Tiger actually. We considered a Winnebago View 2004/2005 very heavily (looked at 3!) for a while with the high mpg diesel, but where we go in the high rockies Winnebago view didn't make sense, but I was impressed with most the Winnebago stuff. We love our Tiger and while more space would be nice the flexibility in smaller size and 4x4 is great.

I would go for it I bet you can sell it again if you need to.
Did anyone save the ad details and pictures?

Here you go..... yes, some may find it weird, but I have a word document saved with many, many ads of rigs I've seen posted for sale - covering multiple years.. haha.




2001 Minnie 24ft 7.3L 4x4 with Corner bed 71k Very clean! Unicorn - $33,500 (Orlando)

winnebago minnie

condition: excellent
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: diesel
odometer: 71000
rv type: class C
title status: clean
transmission: automatic

We’v finally decided to sell our very rare 24ft. 2001 Winnebago Minnie 7.3L Diesel 4x4, That’s right she’s a 4x4 with with a Corner bed…

Our baby is in fantastic condition throughout and only has 71,695 Original miles! To date.

She’s always been very well cared for and properly maintained throughout the years, Everything and I mean everything works as it should.

All original appliances, 3 burner stove top, With oven and microwave, wide/deep kitchen sink, Refrigerator/freezer, Generator and rooftop A/C work perfectly as it should, Cabin A/C also works Great! Generator works on propane gas and is in tip top condition as is the rest of the RV. Keep in mind she’s 20 years old but I challenge you to find another with a 4x4, 7.3L Diesel and a corner bed, especially in this condition!

All manuals, service records, build sheets etc. have been keep and obviously go with her.

ABSOLUTELY No soft spots, No Water Damage, All original wall panels roof panels etc.

Runs perfectly and need nothing! We hope to find her a good home with someone that will make memories with her as we have done.

Asking $33,500 OBO

Clean FL. title in hand, Please Serious Inquiries only!


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That’s not weird at all. It’s awesome. It’s also a great deal on the camper. Whoever got that scored. I grabbed the 1998 v10 4x4 on here recently for a similar price. 20,000 miles but not a 7.3.

A word of advice to potential buyers: if you think you want it, don’t wait. If you do, I (or someone like me) will swoop in and buy it while you’re dithering.

Look at it this way: a UJoint conversion costs $25,000. Is the rest of the camper worth it if you aren’t spending $25k more?


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A word of advice to potential buyers: if you think you want it, don’t wait
I agree!!
Wife’s first reaction, “it’s old.” Second reaction, “it’s ugly.” I give her a day to think about it, and I tell her I’m going to call and if necessary buy a one way ticket to Orlando tomorrow. She says, “no you’re not, we don’t have anywhere to store it…” I call anyway and it is pending after being up for 5 days.

Last night, she said, “we should have bought that.” And I agreed.

To her defense we had a recent major life change, and we were not sure we would get the use out of it in the next year(s?). Plus given the prices lately, I was nervous because a good price today might be outrageous next year. Today we decided to invest the money and wait it out. Hopefully someone builds a TC box on a gas 7.3 e-series soon.

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