2002 Mitsubishi Fuso FG649 4x4 rust free Florida truck $17,500 obo


2002 Mitsubishi Fuso FG649 150,000 miles of legendary Mitsubishi diesel
5-speed transmission with exhaust brake
If you have never driven a Fuso, they are extremely nimble and almost feel more like a car than a truck around town and up to about 68 MPH
The mechanical Diesel engine runs perfectly and you don't have to worry about the ridiculous emission requirements of the new trucks (2003+)
None of the common rust issues associated with these trucks.
The steel bed is solid but it could use a sandblast and coat of paint to be perfect.
This would be perfect for Costa Rica, Baja, South and Central America.
This is a world vehicle so parts and service are available everywhere
It was purchased new and has always been in the Florida area until I purchased it.
It has a steel flatbed that could easily support a truck camper, custom build camper, or a small travel trailer.
It runs flawlessly and was driven 1100 miles from Florida to Virginia Beach
New Bluetooth radio installed.
I plan to spend 6 to 8 months in each place that I want to visit and will a vehicle local at each location.
If someone is really interested in having a vehicle that could last a lifetime, I also have a 1999 FG 4x4 with a rusted frame and 125,000 miles that can be had for $4000 with the purchase of this.
I have a video and lots of pictures below

Click here for Pictures

Please let me know if the link above doesn't work and I will shrink the pictures and post here directly
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Check out this video.
Please let me know if the video link above has issues
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