2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks


Lots of progress on the repower project! Got it all back together and it started right up. And then I find an oil leak... Long story short, the oil pressure test port cover and copper washer were compromised and had to be resealed. Kind of frustrating to spend so much on a Mercedes crate engine and have it leak like that right out of the box but problem solved now and the project keeps moving forward.

I cleaned up the engine bay and freshened up the paint on a few parts. I really spent a ton of time on the re-assembly and replaced/upgraded lots of hardware along the way. I also replaced the fuel pump, fuel lines (the rubber sections) and filter. They were still functional but 1) totally accessible with the drivetrain out so why not and 2) they all had signs of deterioration so easy decision.









Thanks for sharing your Gwagon story. There is some really great info shared here. I found this while searching for some help on suspension updrade help on my 02 G500. Looking to do some longish 700 to 1200 mile trips over next few years.

The washboard roads are beating me to death. Cut my Idaho trip short due to stuck / failed EGR valve. Too much shaking going on possibly.

Have 2” inch lift with aftermarket coils and Bilstein “adjustable” sort of shocks. BF Goodrich AllTerain tires on factory 18’s- so air down is somewhat limited. Any guidance out there?

Wondering if i get more out of going bead locks vs shock upgrade. Will need a good overland builder in great Seattle area to help me with the work, so referrals would be greatly appreciated.

What aftermarket coils are you running? I'm starting to gather parts to refresh the axles and suspension and I'd really like to go with a different coil (vs the OME coils I have now). I'd like a much more plush ride than I have now.


2000 miles on the ol' G/new drivetrain so far and mostly good things to report! Initial startup was a frustration due to a sealing washer (factory installed on the new crate engine) being defective and creating a substantial oil leak but once resolved, the anxiety level subsided enough to take it out for a drive. Immediately noticed a vibration at speed and traced that to the new driveshafts not being properly "phased". I took out the new front/rear shafts and reinstalled the originals and got probably 99% of the vibration to go away. I can still feel the tiniest bit of drivetrain vibes but until I'm done with another project, I'll have to wait to fix. All in all it was a fairly straightforward job (with a few moments of cursing the limited access to some things).
Shout-out to Matrix Integrated in Portland for parts help! They got me hooked up with some hard to find parts with quick turn-around.

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