2006 UZJ100 build - bit at a time


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it sure is a lot quieter now. And from the block forward it is essentially new. It must be a labor of love because it doesn’t make much sense.


Awesome thread, great build, love your truck. 100s will always be one of my favorites, I remember seeing them new on Toyota lots in high school and wanted one so badly. I love my LR4 but I always think about these.


OWL Expedition Media Mount

I hate tearing into the dash. But the youngest and I recently completed a 100 mile turn by turn Rally and I decided I needed a more permanent mount for the iPad then my son’s lap. The instructions on website
https://owlexpedition.com/products/media-mount-1998-2007-lx470-and-land-cruiser-with-nav are not specific to a 2006 Land Cruiser. My vents are all one piece and I pray each time I pry them off they don’t snap in two.
The mount is sturdy and well thought out. The holes lined up perfectly. And the finish on the nub that extends past the front of the deck is perfect. Actually the finish on the whole thing is perfect. You just can’t see it to appreciate it.

The fasteners on the side of the tape deck are 8mm. And for mine, there is a hidden fastener in the center of the lower fascia that is shown in the last photo.
View attachment 777373View attachment 777374View attachment 777375View attachment 777376View attachment 777377View attachment 777378
Some pics. Let me know if you have any questions. The wires extend to the glovebox and I will create a second post about the power.
View attachment 777369View attachment 777370View attachment 777373View attachment 777374View attachment 777375
I had one of those on my 04 LX. Great item. I might buy some old cassettes just to have for my current one, 😆


Adventurer- Toyota Nut
Maybe Mud is a better place to post this up, but had the OEM windscreen replaced today. I picked up a stone from a log truck during our Canada trip and the crack had now migrated more than a third of the way across from the passenger side.

OEM windscreen out showed very little corrosion and it was at the rivet points. New PGW windscreen is riveted in as well.


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